What Kind Of Compliment Should Girls accept From Guys?

 Image by © Kevin Dodge/Corbis

Image by © Kevin Dodge/Corbiscom

Alice Akogwu:

I have a question; as girls, christian girls, what kind of compliment are we to accept from guys? Don’t mind if its’s put up on the blog and answered, please.

Oludapo Tolulope:

(Lol) Your question… Let me ask, what led to the question?

Alice Akogwu:

Well, the thing is, when a girl, let’s say, taking a walk, or hanging out somewhere and you get a compliment from a guy saying “your body is banging, or nice ass, or ‘demmnn’, you are sexy”. I sometimes wonder, do I punch the person, or smile or say thank you, or ignore, or walk away or blush?

Oludapo Tolulope:

I thought as much. These form of compliments aren’t appropriate.

A simple and sincere, “you are beautiful”, or any other good adjective is perfect. Sometimes, you have a great body/shape could be sincere, just like you have a curly hair, but one important thing is that you can judge someone’s intention from their compliment. Someone whose compliments focuses on your behind and other sexy stuff isn’t just complimenting but, is being lustful in the process and subtly making emotional advances.

Of course it is a different case if such compliments are exchanged between married partners. But someone who isn’t married to you, no way ooo!

Alice Akogwu:

Okay, thanks! So, what becomes your reply to such? What’s the appropriate reply?

Oludapo Tolulope:

You can correct it right on the spot. Just smiling and walking away seem like an approval. The compliment kinda just makes the party a sexual object and not a person in a whole.

Respond, giving a better alternative to the compliment, like “I am a beautiful masterpiece of God, not just someone with a banging body”. By saying that, you have redirected the perspective of the conversation.

Alice Akogwu:

Alright then… Thank you!!!

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