Can I assume that you are or have been on at least one social media platform, most likely Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, if my assumption is correct then you can relate to this article.

New social media platforms spring up every day and there are probably more than any average person can be active on. One thing common to almost all this platforms, and an integral principle on which they are all built is the ability to interact with other people’s content on these platforms, thus the post Liking, comments, and share.

Of all these activities, I think sharing ranks on the most active and thoughtfully engaging of them all. You can like any post without giving any serious attention to that post/Tweet, or even knowing what it is or means, but you will most likely read a post, look at the picture or watch the video before you Retweet, Repost, Regrann or share. And come on, the fact that every article your share goes on your own timeline makes it sacred.

What are you most likely to Repost while scrolling through on your timeline?

There are some things that readily catches our attention; comedy videos, a pretty lady or handsome man, a pair of designer shoes or bag, picture or video of a celebrity’s proposal. But I believe whatever catches our attention gives a little idea of who we are.

Someone who loves children would be more drawn to share a post about children suffering somewhere. While a sports enthusiast would readily share a trending story in the world of sport.

“If we are to draw up evidence from your social media account to trial you about your love and faith in Jesus, are we going to find enough evidence to convict you?

As much as we all engage in social for different purposes and to a different degree (some people barely log into their account all year), what does out little sharing culture say about us?

What does your social media sharing culture say about you? Does it tell of your faith in Jesus? Does it say you are kind? Compassionate? Inconsiderate? Proud? Petty?

It won’t be a debate to conclude that what you share on social media reflects who you are what your interests are.

I  hope to challenge us to Christ representers even on social media. I have found that social media is a potent tool to cause change and even share the gospel (Read: 10 CREATIVE WAYS TO SHARE YOUR FAITH WITH OTHERS)

It’s okay to want to be the first to share that hot topic or share a funny comedy video, but beyond that, take your account as your pulpit, use it to encourage, to edify to counsel.

Grace and Peace.

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