We are in the internet age, and so many ways of sharing the gospel have come up. One very amazing way people have gone about evangelizing is by creating and uploading videos which people can watch, relate to and learn from.

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These videos are uploaded to YouTube, which is a free video streaming website. Over a million videos exist on YouTube, and are readily available.

I have compiled a list of six individuals (YouTubers) who have YouTube channels by which they share the gospel. My list contains just ladies, but the channels aren’t only meant for ladies.

These channels were selected based off of my personal preferences. You might know a YouTuber who has a ‘better’ channel, and there’s no problem with that, kindly let us know in the comment section.

In no particular order, I give you my personal favorite YouTubers. Enjoy!

  1. Tosin Alabi

Tosin Alabi is a Nigerian vlogger, blogger, and entrepreneur whom discusses faith-based topics, product reviews, business tips, and natural hair routines on her channel.

You can check her Youtube channel – Tosin Alabi

She also blogs at Africanism Cosmopolitan.

  1. MyNameIsJackieHill

Jackie Hill-Perry is an American poet, writer and hip-hop artiste from St. Louis, Missouri. She focuses on spoken word and Christian hip-hop.

You can read more about her here

Her channel displays poetry, vlogs and music from the ministry of Jackie Hill-Perry.

To watch her videos on YouTube click MyNameIsJackieHill

    3. Crowned In Faith

Crowned In Faith is a YouTube channel run by Nia-cerise Conteh. Nia-cerise is a believer who excitedly shares her faith with as many people as possible.

She is currently schooling at The University of Warwick, Sutton, United Kingdom.

You can watch her YouTube videos here Crowned In Faith

She also blogs at Conversations with Nissi

4. CrystalOTv

CrystalOTv is a YouTube channel run by Crystal Oji. By infusing humour into her videos, Crystal has successfully been able to pass the message of the gospel in an amazing way.

With over 3,476 subscribers and counting, her channel is one which you definitely should check out.

Check out her videos at CrystalOTv. She also blogs at Crystal O.

5. Kingdom Ambassadors

Kingdom Ambassadors is a vision that strives to see young people embrace the love, purpose and calling that God has for them. They aim to step out in boldness to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with a reverence for God and His word and the knowledge that the youngest of Christ’s followers are set apart for the Father’s glory.

Kingdom Ambassadors is birthed from the scripture 2 Corinthians 5:20 – ‘’so we are Christ’s ambassadors; God is making His appeal through us.

You can watch their videos on Kingdom Ambassadors

6. Heather Lindsey

Pastor, Wife and Mother, Heather Lindsey is one woman that embodies the word ‘role model’. She is the Founder & CEO of Pinky Promise Pinky Promise Movement

Her YouTube channel is all about Jesus + All things girly + Preaching + her favorite products + reminding you of your worth & value in Christ!

You can check out her awesome videos Heather Lindsey



Please do not limit your subscriptions to just these channels. Over a hundred Christian YouTube channels exist. Just run a search, and watch your data zoom off!

If you followed any of these links and you were blessed, please do let me know below.

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Have a wonderful day.

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