We have constantly been told that marriage is a big decision and that it is the next most important decision after giving your life to Christ and other things along that line. So, saying that deciding who you get married to is a big deal is obviously cliché. You know it.

I am going to try to help the ladies out here a little, by stating 5 Signs that should make you put on your Nike branded shoes and zoom off without looking back at all.

Let’s get this rolling. Please don’t marry if he is any of this.


Who wouldn’t want a guy that is error-free as compared to someone who is always making mistakes and always apologizing, but that’s not where I am going. If your guy is such that never owns up to mistake and never accepts responsibility for any wrong done. That’s trouble mehn! If he always putting the blame on the other person, never accepts his own part in a fallout, be sure that you can’t have any reasonable interaction with such a person, and obviously, that would mean no growth.

If any error made is never his fault and if your man always whines when things don’t go his way, he’s not headed anywhere in life and I am certain you don’t want to go with him to nowhere-land.

If he never apologizes for the wrong he has done and demands apologies from you even for his own errors, please run!

I don’t know why many have come to think that only the ladies should apologize for wrong done, I don’t know where that trend started from.


When your guy is always checking out other ladies lustfully even when you are there, there is fire on the mountain, run-run-run! Why is that a big deal? See, if he can’t keep his eyes for you alone, he definitely won’t keep his heart for you alone.

Many ladies have made excuses for the guy that we are polygamous in nature. A nice way to say that we are naturally promiscuous! I am a guy and I beg to defer!! Stop that mentality before you set yourself up for a lifetime of fear, uncertainty, and pain.

I overheard a phone conversation between a lady and her friend or guy’s friend. She was complaining about how she found a text on her guy’s phone (should your spouse be allowed to rummage through your messages?) that she showed the guy. The text was a love message from another girl, and though they later discovered that the message was a ‘mistake’, the guy challenged her saying there was nothing wrong with him cheating. This was what she was wailing to the person on the other end of the phone.


The way your guy treats his sister is a pointer to the way he might eventually treat you when you both become really familiar. If your guy has no respect for his parents, talks about them in very rude ways or has spoken rudely to them in your presence, babe, you better pack your bags and move on.

A guy that doesn’t respect his elders or siblings is not a responsible man. He definitely isn’t the kind of father you want your children to have.


It is always beautiful when you find a guy that actively pursues his own dreams but you need to exercise caution when you discover that he is not interested in your own dreams. He wants you to listen to his own desires, goals and dreams but he never pays attention to you when you are sharing things about your own dreams. Please find the next exit.

Okay, maybe before you find the next exit, call his attention to it, and if he doesn’t bother about it, you might need to really find that exit. If you decide to stick with him, you’ll find out that the guy will use to achieve his own dreams and all your own visions will take backseat.


Yes. I typed it. C’mon, you know that has got to be a part of it. Boo that doesn’t know Jesus, is that one Boo? Can two walk together, except they agree? If he isn’t someone who takes scriptural truth to heart, you should reconsider your stand with him. Like one of my friends posted on social media recently, you shouldn’t date someone you can’t report to the Holy Spirit. Anyone who has your heart can only keep it if they know Jesus. If he doesn’t care about Jesus, well, he just might mess with you soon.

I’m sorry if your current boo falls into any of this category, no vex. I believe in beautiful marriages and one way to be certain of that apart from starting and walking the process with Jesus is to ensure that you get it right during your courtship period.

I hope I helped? If you have questions, comments or, a personal experience or another pointer you believe should be on this list, please drop in the comment box below. I’d love to hear from you.

I love you.

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