And you let her go???? I’m sure you can’t believe you did that looking back at it now. I hate regrets, they are one of the most painful things that exists, because it’s a just a reality you can never have again. I don’t want to know the worth of a thing after letting it go, I don’t want to see my ex and wish I had loved her more or given the relationship more. But still, you never know the value of a thing until you don’t have it anymore. Passenger describes it best in his song “Let her go”;

Well you only need the light when it’s burning low

Only miss the sun when it starts to snow

Only know you love her when you let her go

Only know you’ve been high when you’re feeling low

Only hate the road when you’re missin’ home

Only know you love her when you let her go

And you let her go

A friend went through a breakup of recent from the dumbest dude on this planet because this lady is just amazing and loved him with all she’s got, to dropping standards and values for him, he literally did not deserve her.

I know the pre-genesis, genesis, lifespan and the demise of this relationship. It is one of those sad and stupid breakup stories that will make you curse the guy and ask “what in the world was he thinking”? You have an amazing girl that gave you her all and you trashed her like she barely stepped into your life, for the stupidest reason I have ever heard. Putting all the blames on her, one which is that she loved too much, lool, please I want to be loved too much, who doesn’t?

Funny enough, he came back crawling on his knees after breaking up with her over the phone barely a month they started the relationship, imagine. Sadly, it was her first. And now he wants her back.

I won’t say she doesn’t have her fault, she probably should have seen it coming or better still, love him less, Hehe.

I am not claiming to be all-knowing when it comes to relationship because I am not, I flaw so badly at it, but I know to value what I have, I know the worth of a true soul. Like my girl.

About loving too much, can you ever love too much?

Recognize love while you still have it, forget about what you don’t have or what you wish you have, that could be a real demise of relationships. You are busy envying your friend’s boo and relationship that you leave yours malnourished and left to die. Your friend’s paradise might be your desert. Don’t underestimate God’s power of matchmaking, He knows just what’s best for you, what you can handle, what you need, note I said what you need and not what you want, they are two different things that have caused a pitfall in many relationships, more talk on that is another post.

To all the dude and babe with stupid head, dull mind and of course blind vision (which I used to be a part of); I hope good luck doesn’t run out on you. You better repent for all the heart you have broken.

I still think you are stupid if your reason for breaking up is stupid. You are as wise or shallow as your breakup reason.

Today, let your boo know how much she means to you, begin to truly and deeply cherish her for what she’s worth, maybe not necessary because she deserves it, but because she agreed to go out with you, that is enough. You know, someone once asked, “will you date you, if you know you as you are?” And most importantly, you might need to apologize to somebody, for treating them less than they deserved.

To my baby, I am sorry for all the times I’ve messed up, I get short-sighted sometimes, but I will not allow anything to impede my vision of you, except maybe a concave lens of faith, hope and love. I love you.


Thank you for reading, I’ll be waiting to see your comment.


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1 Comment

  1. Hmmn….very nice…
    God doesn’t give u what u want but what u need…
    God bless u Tolu!!!

    1. Amen! Thanks Onome 🙂

  2. Omo you sound really pained like someone broke your heart before. But its cool & different. Nice 🙂

    1. Hahaha, I don’t know why I was so emotional while writing it. Thanks Anu 😉

  3. Hahaha! I can relate to d piece! Buh like u said God gves u wat u NEED, and above all I want wat God has for me. Gosh u write wiv soo much “Heart”

    1. Gracias! Everything, including breakups work for our good, we just have to trust and wait on Him.

  4. This is absolutely incredible

  5. Someone once said ‘Be careful how you play your cards when you have a queen in your hand’. Well said Tolu!

    1. #Gbam, I like that

  6. “..loving to the point of dropping standards and values” is never worth it. Thanks Tolu for the post jare. We’re waiting for the sequel.

    1. Ma’am Ify, thanks, it will be uploaded soon

  7. Tolu, I needed to see this…..”Don’t underestimate God’s power of matchmaking, He knows just what’s best for you, what you can handle, what you need”….Thank God I did..

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