Woman Whispering into Friend's Ear --- Image by © John Henley

Woman Whispering into Friend’s Ear — Image by © John Henley

Before you assume you know what this post is about, advertisement right? No, you will be wrong; this post has nothing to do with TV commercials, or any other media or social media advertisement. But is about advertisement? YES! One of the most powerful tools known to human relations. And it works very much like any other form of advertisement.

For a little background, advertisement holds a great poser for those who know how to use it.

You drive behind a Coca-Cola truck with a big banner behind it, on the banner you have a picture of this:

The finest Amala +Ewedu + a well sauced Ogunfe + a bottle of coke= A great meal.

It is very possible you didn’t  give that advertisement any attention or thought, but unconsciously a week after when asked what drink you want after ordering for Amala and ogunfe in you favorite joint; you ask for a coke. Such is the power of advertisement.

While spending a weekend at Jonathan Ojapa’s place (an amazing guy whose face I’m sure you’ve seen on LifegivaTV  [wp-svg-icons icon=”play” wrap=”i”]) I just kept hearing him say “advertisement” every time I brought up a girl’s name; you know those kinda discussions between buddies, and before I could pull his legs about any girl, he’ll say “all na advertisement”.

Isn’t it funny that you never really liked a girl or guy, or considered him a potential partner you could date until a friend teased you about him/her, or pointed out a strong quality and feature she/he has? That is advertisement.

Why then do we need to be careful of advertisements? Very simple, advertisements present the seller’s idea of the product to you and not the troubled nature of the product. You won’t see and Coca-Cola adverts highlighting the dangers – very sugary and additive driven; all they would say is how it refreshes. The same goes for every form of advertisement.

So you have to know when you are being deceived compared to when you are being told the truth, so it’s better to seek out your own information. Do you research and do not just allow anyone feed you with advertisement.

“Ooh have you met my cousin, he’s very cute”, “Hmm, do know you that guy just checked you out from head to toe and  lingered a bit on your behind?”, “Everyone says I’m caring”, “I”ve vowed to spoil my girlfriend with love”, and the likes of lines are all advertisement.
Next time someone wants to sell you a product you are not ready to buy, like those unsolicited advice on who to ask out or say yes to, you just say out loud ADVERTISEMENT, you don’t have to explain, but that prepares your mind for freedom just receiving every garbage that is fed it, more like a firewall, an antivirus.
You can’t allow everyone’s opinion into your head. Even seeing a cute guy’s collection of work-out pictures on his IG page, just give your *NotInterested* or *talktothehand* face and you should cap it up by saying ADVERTISEMENT.

* * *

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1 Comment

  1. All na ADVERTISEMENT!!! LOL!!!
    Amazing post lifegiva!

    1. 😀 😉 All na ADVERTISEMENT! Thanks MsVick

  2. Almost fell Victim….”Advertisement”….Glad I read this..

    1. I’m so glad you read this also, it’s very easy to fall victim of ADVERTISEMENT. Thanks for leaving a comment Fejiro 🙂

  3. Hahahaha
    I have fallen victim of ADVERTISEMENT more than once without
    Thank you for this post, my heart has just saved.

  4. *hands on my face*.. i think i not only have fallen but have played the role of an agent.. i Quit!! 😀

    1. Hahaha…Thanks for acknowledging that you’ve been an agent, I’m sure you’ll be more careful from now ???

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