woman behind her hands wis a red heart drawn on itIf anyone told me that I and Tunji would be this close, I would have laughed hard about it. We are so close right now I can already imagine what the future holds for both of us.
Our start wasn’t all so romantic and rosy. I actually partially chased him, I pushed a lot but even in my pushing, I didn’t expect it to come through.
Where did it exactly start? You might be wondering… well I will tell you.
He was just one regular guy, tall, handsome, fine boy, did I say fine? I meant cuteee!! Best parts were his lips, omg! They were of life…. Something sha (causally) got us hailing (greeting) each other. He was the kind of guy any girl would want to be with.
We went from regular “hello’s” to hugs with little gist (conversations) like “how are you?” and how would I ever forget the day we danced, that was my moment for life! Yeah! I know what you are thinking; we only danced like side by side sha (causally) nothing more. Well as a sure girl, I was always on-point (on time, correct), positioning myself to meet him, I know you will call that “stalking” but na you get your mouth (those are your thoughts).
All these lasted for a while and in no time he was out of my school. I actually thought I wasn’t going to see him again but trust me nau (you know me), if I hear say I nor find e contact! (I didn’t give up on searching for his contact). God favoured me and I got him “bb pin” (blackberry contact) from a friend of mine who was pretty close to him. I nor waste time oh (I didn’t hesitate), I sent him an invited immediately. I don’t think I can forget how we got talking, it was like a monologue, I sha nor send (I didn’t care).
A few weeks after we started talking, I got tired, I felt like a guy (man) trying to gist a babe (courting a lady), so I decided to give him space, after all, I had exams to write.
Immediately after my exams, my mission continued. I continued for just two reasons; one was because I actually cared about him, especially when I got to know a bit of him. Secondly, I wasn’t ready to give up on sure a fine boy, you know this right! And it was fun too. So, we went on and on and on, I pushed a lot harder each day, I called him for Africa (I called him a lot). My guy was still styling for me (my friend was still up tight), I continued till I felt like I was pushing too hard so I chilled a bit (decided to calm down).
I called that day faithful when he sent me a message, thanking me for “…………….”
Chai! (omg!) Body catch me that day sha (I was excited). Then shortly after he sent the message, I rushed to call him, and for the first time in our history together, he called me back, and we gisted eh (talked at length). That was when I found out that he actually appreciated all the love, attention and care I had showed him. Awwww…. I was happy with myself, mission accomplished!
Oya! That’s when the real friendship started. He started telling me a lot of things and that was how the tables turned. Before now, I was the one always checking on him and asking him about his day but now, levels don change oh! (Things are better), he now actually wants to always hear about my day in details not just highlights, he is interested in the stuff I do, always reading, evaluating and correcting my writings, he even now shows me his writings too, this is the same guy that was styling (pretending)for me.
So we have been friends for a while now, and then he recently called me up to hang out with him, *clears throat*…. Eh! Well, norrin (nothing) happened oh, don’t give that look joor.  We are just friends oh! But he asked me to marry him, he said it jokingly, I know he meant it though, I think he’s too shy to come out straight since we’ve friends for such a long time. I am the first person he tells stuff (things) to, even when they are still happening, he said it’s because he feels like he can tell me anything. It’s alright… I know and I can feel this coming….
*Phone beeps*
*snaps back to reality*
“ooohhhh!! All these people that will just “ping!!” me and be obstructing my flow… mscheww.. (Sighs)”
(One new message from Tunji)
*Picks up phone to read *
Tunji: hey MissVyn
Me: hey dearie
Tunji: how are you?
Me: am good oh! Just chilling and you?
Tunji: manh, am good oh. Another busy day
Me: mmmhh,
Tell me about it…
Tunji: plenty work at the office and you know the               way that my partner has been acting na… have another full day tomorrow sef
Me: mmhh! Well done oh
Ehen! Wanna talk about why you were angry yesterday?
Tunji: oooooohhhh… yeah. Umm! Had babe issues. Had a fight with my girlfriend and I was really annoyed…
Me: oh! Ok (straight face, rolling my eyes, not again!) thought as much… how is she sef?
Tunji: yeah she’s good, we are cool now though
Me: aiit! Thank God!
Tunji: thanks a lot babe! I am blessed to have you as a friend! Lotsa love
Me: awww… thanks dearie (how I wish!!)
Tunji: have to go, meeting up with the boo now!
Me: alright! Have fun
Tunji: thanks
Me: xx
(drops phone)
“ehen! Where was I again?
Oh, MissVyn!! Me and my thoughts again”
All those were just my thoughts
Oh well, old things are passed away behold all things are become new!!
Have to go and read now joor * picks up book!*…

Ofure Peace Vyncent

* * *

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