After a long series of LITTLE WHITE FLOWERS, the first question that came right at my door step from one of the followers of LIFEGIVA.COM is the one right there in the title; How does a girl know she is a guy’s first choice and not a replacement?
This is where you guys come in. What in your opinion are the signs that portrays a girl as a guy’s first choice? Take note that this might be on various level of relationship, while chasing, dating, courting or married.
“In my opinion”, No lady is a man’s first choice until he has asked you out (i.e. Propose a relationship) or put a ring on it (ask you to marry him). Take note I speak for the men with integrity and honest to their words not the players. Every man get attracted to different ladies for different reasons and these reasons in comparism to his personal interests and desires influences his options.
I can say this because there was a time I had 4 ladies on my list and their hierarchy above each other fluctuated with an action they pulled off, a new look, or a realization of how they feel for me…This never changed until I made a choice, my choice happened to be a late comer on my list, but one that I will trade anything to keep as my one and only.
So my point, Ladies, don’t raise your expectations above the roof until after a man has chosen you, a honest man I mean, because when he does, even though he admires other ladies, as he will always meet one that is more beautiful or has some sort of better qualities than you, you will never stop being his first and best choice at least till he chooses otherwise, by that I mean a break-up.

Now the floor is open, let the discussion begin.


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