I really can’t blame people who show extra caution when it comes to relating with people of the opposite sex, it is definitely not meant to be complicated but mehn! people are complicated especially when feelings are involved. One party is saying one thing while the other is hearing an entirely different thing.

I have been a victim of this myself on different occasions where my niceness was interpreted as a relationship advancement. I had the case where it was met with stern reaction from the babe, but it left me wondering what was going on. You are accusing me of liking you whereas I have no feelings for you *ROTFL*, and I have the case where the babe was eagerly waiting for me to pop the big question…lol…

Ladies and gentlemen of lifegiva.com (bdw, we should coin a way to refer to the users of this blog, I’m open to suggestions from you guys) how do we relate with the opposite sex without crossing the boundaries, and without passing any unintended message across whatsoever? Because I know how technical this can be, let me paint a scenario.

There is a guy A who likes lady B, but lady B is being just a friend, usually they shake hands as they part ways, but on this particular evening, say after a long day of studying together, the lady gives the guy a hug, my guy A danced away with the impression that she likes him, call that weird, but it happens. Yes, such his this complex world of “catching feelings“.

Ladies, what signs will you see in a guy that informs you that he likes you, even though he might not? And how do you show/respond to a guy that you like them? (Both physical and virtual [e.g social media] communication).

Guys, how do you subtlety suggests your feelings to a lady without being vocal about it and what signs serve as a green light that such feelings are mutual? (Both physical and virtual [e.g social media] communication).

Your detailed answers, as a comment to this post, will save a lot of lives; it will save the need for that unnecessary and awkward explanation: “I don’t like you, I was just being a friend”. Call it how to friend zone effectively because that is exactly what it is, Just ensure you leave a comment, please? Thank you.

* * *

Thank you for reading. I bet it was worth every moment spent on it. I’m really looking forward to seeing your comments.

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