Woman Whispering in Man's EarIf you have followed the series DAMAGED on this blog, you would have come to realise that almost everyone has something ugly in their past, although how severe that ugly past may vary from one person to another.
But take for instance a lady that has had a pretty rough and dirty past, with several past relationships, sex partners or even worse, say an irrevocable dent on/in her…Will you advice that she lets her next boyfriend know about all of her past, considering the fact that the past is literally past, though some people believe that the past is never really past? (This is not limited to ladies alone)
Should partners tell each other about their dirty/terrible past?
If yes, why, at what stage of their relationship, to what depth should they tell? If no, why?
I’m waiting for our sincere, real and practicable opinion, probably with a bit of past experience on this. Feel free to comment as anonymous if need be, and remember that we are not to argue opinions here.
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Guess what everyone? It’s my birthday tomorrow 16th July *fireworks *applause *lion sings *birds roar…I wish I could grow younger though 😀, I’m hoping to do a special post tomorrow, so help me God.


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