Taking a breakYou are having a challenge in your relationship, which I’m sure is threatening your love, how much you desire to be together, do things together, be that tight super love dives sugar lovers again, and your genie brilliant master suggestion is that you should take a break? Like seriously? How can going apart ever bring you together? While you both talk every now and then, you have issues. How much more when you both go apart?
I don’t intend to over skunk this topic, so I’ll just enumerate few reasons “Taking a Break” will ruin your relationship and not fix it. Except for those who use “Taking a break” as a step down for a break up, you know, that doesn’t seem to hurt the other party so much, like just dropping the break gun show, before the break up missile.
Alright, here we go;

  1. It opens you up to those hunting mouths

Before taking a break, you both have other chykers, who will still make advances towards you. Of course, when everything is fine, you seem to always ignore them, you are happy with what you have, but now that you have issues, instead of sticking even closer so as not to give room for those lurking fangs, you decide you need a break. How thoughtful.
We both know that it is when you start having issues with your boo or Bae that your eyes open, and you start seeing the beautiful ladies or guys around you that have always been there. This is the ‘reason they advise people not to go into a new relationship right after coming out of one, because most likely, your judgment of that person will be based on the weakness and flaws of your ex, and you won’t be able to notice immediately, their own flaws.

  1. It allows for third party interference.

Not all third parties are bad; we can’t push aside the panacea of godly counsel. You can’t fix all your problems alone, at a point or the other, you’ll always need to seek someone’s counsel. However, seeking a counsel when you are together with your partner, I don’t mean physically, but such that someone gave you an advice and you outrun it with your partner, will be different when it’s just all by yourself.  This leads to the next point.

  1. You fight better as a team, than alone.

Two will forever be better than one. Together you can help each other, strengthen each other, and guide each other; so parting ways when you need to stay together the most is just not wisdom.
I understand that there are times when you actually need to part ways, when a break up is the best for that situation. But don’t take a break if you have the mind of working out the relationship, taking a break doesn’t fix anything, but even separates you the more.
The reason some people think seeking a break might help  the relationship is because they think they can rekindle the spark when they start missing the person, when they don’t talk so often anymore, but that doesn’t work anymore; not in these age where  you have a thousand and one alternatives seeking for your attention.
Please don’t push away what you have if getting it back is what you really want. By the way, do you know how many people are waiting for his/her status to change to “single?”…lol. Be wise.

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