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I saw this picture on a friend’s BBM DP, I found it funny, but being a guy, I wanted to know what you ladies think, or even guys.
Do you think you should fight for a man/lady ignoring his/her present relationship status, especially if he/she is not married, afterall relationship is different from marriage.
What do you feel about a guy/lady who will not just back down even after knowing that you are taken. Will you take that as love, is that a turn-on or a turn-off, (I know y’all enjoy the attention though).
Should we keep pushing even after knowing they are taken in the name of love?
I will like to hear your view via a comment, but I know very few people like to do that, so just vote YES/NO (Yes being that you agree, No being you disagree), or fill in other options, but a comment will be appreciated 😉

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