A lady currently has 3 guys who have said they are interested in her and they love her. Please how can she choose rightly?


Well, to be straightforward and blunt, if a gun is pointed to her head to choose one, she definitely will make a choice. However without that extreme measure, the lady should be guided by the one that is Vision-driven and also sees her Vision together with his.  And he has to be saved.

The truth is, girls know after a while who they can spend the rest of their life with and who they can’t. Although, a great number of ladies indulge in self-deception which gets them to ignore the handwritings on the wall when making their choices about the life partners. So they marry a rich and he ends up being a Wife beater or they marry an influential guy who cares nothing for them.

So ladies, you have to be honest to yourself and to your purpose and vision and carefully choose the guy that aligns to your Identity and your Purpose. And of course to guide you in your choice.

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