Quite a number of persons have built their relationship on “God told me you are my wife” or “He/She loves God“, which is okay, but how Important Is HIM/HER LOVING You?

A person’s stand with God has overtime been stated as the most important factor, attribute, criteria, for choosing the suitable partner, which is not negotiable. It is important the individual values God and holds His word and principles above every other thing in his life. It is the safest security you have. The singular assurance that he/she will not change their mind or treat you any less than you deserve in this very uncertain and immoral world.


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Now as the church submits to Christ, so also wives should submit to their husbands in everything. Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ loved the church and gave Himself up for her.

But if this is true, it is very important you consider the love the individual has for you. Their love for God is not a substitute for their love for you. They must love you.

God loves us unconditionally to the point of dying for us while we were still in sin, such love must the man display to his woman. And has God requires that we love him with all our heart, with our soul, and with our mind, so must the woman love her man.

Anybody can love God, everybody should love God, but not everybody can love you. And love here isn’t brotherly or unconditional love which we should all have, but I am referring to a likeness that is a major factor in romantic relationships.

Anybody can love God, everybody should love God, but not everybody can love you. Click To Tweet

Varied interest naturally limits the number or kinds of people you can/will fall in love with, and tell me what a loveless relationship is even if the fellow loves God.

Note that the message here isn’t that the person doesn’t necessarily have to love God, No, everyone should love God, and being of same faith is a factor that can’t be played with, but someone who loves God but doesn’t love you will not make a good choice for a life partner.

Someone who loves God but doesn't love you will not make a good choice for a life partner. Click To Tweet

As much as love isn’t the only factor that makes marriages work, we have understanding, communication, sacrifice, patience…Love is very primary and influential on all these others.

So, make sure he/she loves you. Like for real!

I have seen cases where one of the partners love the other while the other party agreed to the relationship either for selfish interest, idleness, or just because they thought the other party is just a good person with great personality.

So this is not to say that he/she shouldn’t love God, but the love for each other is as important, if not more for a romantic relationship.

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