Loving Like Your Partner Wants To Be Loved


Has your partner ever complained about not being loved? Not that he/she doesn’t feel loved but feel there could be more. Most of the times, they might not be able to say specifically what they mean or what they want, but they want to be loved “in a special way”, they want to feel or get something from you that no other person can give them.

This request/complaint from a partner can be really confusing especially when you do all you know how to express your love to him/her.

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This is what I mean. Assume I don’t understand French, not even the tiniest bit. But you are trying to communicate to me in French, no matter how clear, audible or eloquent you are, you are not communicating, the same goes for love.

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If you are trying all you could to show that you love your partner, but yet they are complaining of not being loved, you need to ask yourself if you are loving them the way they want to be loved or the way you think they should be loved.

To some people, telling them you love them 100 times a day doesn’t count for anything otherwise you do an act to show it.

All some wives want is their husband to be present in the kitchen while they are cooking, probably helping with the dishes or the kids and not 12 red roses with a card with a handwritten romantic compliment.

Do you know how your partner wants to be loved? You have a responsibility to know what their love language is.

Here are few suggestions;

1. Ask

Simply ask your partner what they’ll rather want you to do in expressing your love to them. Ask what love means to them.

2. Observe

Take note of the times your action, events, words hit a very good response from your partner? That will suggest what they want from you.

Also, observe how they show love naturally and generally because we tend to speak our own love language.

3. Role Play

By role-playing, I mean to try all possible means of showing love to see which will hit the best response.
Remember, you are not showing love until your partner feels loved.

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