Choosing a Life Partner: Must She be BEAUTIFUL?

Model walk on the runway. The Miss Black Africa UK Beauty Pageant and Charity Awards 2012 --- Image by © See Li/Demotix/Corbis

Model walk on the runway. — Image by © See Li/Demotix/Corbis

Disclaimer: This post is a pretty hard one for me to write because I love beauty?.
Physical beauty for many is on the very fore front of the criteria for choosing a future spouse, but we all know that beauty is skin deep.

To make it easy, I’ll list some facts about beauty.
  1. Beauty is transient (or transitional)

No one remains as they look in their twenties forever, even though this differs from one person to another based on how much they put into maintaining their look and shape, but have you see a pretty damsel seven months into their pregnancy or after they deliver ? ?
If it’s true that our looks change as we grow older, won’t it be catastrophic if beauty forms the primary basis of your choice of a life partner? That way, your marriage will last for just as long as the person remains the way they were (physical wise) when you dated and married. How dangerous.

  1. Beauty doesn’t make for a happy home/marriage.

There is no rule that says fair skin ladies make better wives, or guys with six-packs makes better husbands or fathers.
If its character and healthy personality that makes for worthy marriage partner, then won’t the stance to date only persons with a specific physical trait be foolish?
I bet everyone will choose a woman (or man) who although not beautiful in the world’s sense of beauty, but will love, adore, care, add value to you, give them peace, love their family and take care of their children over a “Miss Universe” that will make their lives a living hell- except you are looking at making a reality TV show off your marriage.

  1. Some people become more beautiful with years

I spoke more on this in a post I did long ago titled “You are Beautiful” and I remember using my mum as an instance. I probably wouldn’t look at her side when she was in her youthful stage, but today, she’s beautiful in every way. The same goes for a lot of people.
Who is at loss if you jilt a lady with amazing spirit and character, but doesn’t fit into the worldly standard of beautiful for one who is all pretty and endowed just to meet her after 10 years and you wish you hadn’t been foolish and blinded by your carnality?
The truth remains that we all know what is important but we are too blinded by our carnality.
We are more concerned of how the society (friends and family) will perceive us for marrying someone they don’t term as beautiful.
I bet that for some, beauty is just another criterion alongside others. But if we’ll take the advice from Proverbs 31:30
Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting (short-lived, ephemeral, transitory); but a woman who fears the LORD is to be praised.
If this verse is true (which is), then instead of subjecting our criteria for choosing a life partner to our selfishness and lust, we should raise our standard and desire a woman who fears the Lord. No one must ever be measured first by his/her look.
Should this be an excuse to neglect taking care of your body, eating healthy, working out? No, but do it for the right reasons, to stay healthy, not to be accepted by a class of men or women.
If he/she can’t love and accept you regardless of how you look, it only means he/she doesn’t love you, but is more into your looks.
Let’s quit being carnal in our approach to relationship and love, no verse in the bible gives beauty as a measure for choosing a life partner.
So, Must She Be Beautiful? I’ll leave you to answer that, I bet you know better now.

Thank you for reading, kindly share your opinion as a comment below 🙂

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