Reasons Why You Must Not Shi-Marry

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I am one professional stalker of great people on social media. I go through posts of such people and there is so much wealth of knowledge and wisdom in those posts. On one of the posts of a mentor of mine (I’m not even famzing. She is a senior friend?), she did a throwback to when she was still single and a pastor visited her local church. He asked them to pray one prayer: that they would not shi-marry. According to her, she prayed it with so much seriousness and today, her home is a testimony.

To those who don’t know the meaning of shi-marry… It is a Yoruba-English word meaning to marry wrongly, or to miss it in marriage.

It is very important that one doesn’t shi-marry because of all the life decisions one would have to take, marriage is about the most important.

Reasons why you mustn’t shi-marry

1. Generations to come depend on your marriage.

A lot of young men and women that are dysfunctional in their thoughts process and actions today are so because of the kind of homes they come from. Marriage is the bedrock of your home. When the marriage is faulty, the children are affected and even the children’s children except God intervenes. Don’t think it is only you, the wrong choice of a life partner has a ripple effect on generations to come.

Marriage is the bedrock of a home. When the marriage is faulty, the children are affected. Click To Tweet

2. Your whole life depends on that decision.

When I say your whole life, I mean your whole life. From your career to ministry, to your finances… If you are with the right person, you are better for it. If you are with the wrong person enh, even if God shows mercy and you are able to fulfill destiny, it would be with so much stress and it ought not to be so. The story would be much more different and sweeter to tell if you marry rightly and you have a partner that supports you and helps you fulfill destiny.

3. Shi-Marrying can lead you astray.

I know some people who used to be on fire for God with goals and plans for the future but due to their choice of life partner and other factors arising from it, they have it all watered down. Most of them are just frustrated and tired of trying. They are barely trying to gain balance for themselves and their offspring. What time and energy then is left to face purpose?

4. You shouldn’t shi-marry because you can get it right!

The way people portray bad marriages these days especially on the social media, it almost clouds the fact that good marriages exist. But they do! If you wait on God, He’d lead you to His own will for you and your home too would be an exemplary one. So don’t settle for a wrong person, the right one would meet you soon if you don’t settle.

Don't settle for a wrong person, the right one would meet you soon if you don't settle. Click To Tweet

I hope with these few points of mine, I have been able to convince you as to why you shouldn’t shi-marry! Lay your hands on your head and begin to pray now that you won’t miss it in marriage. In fact, after saying the grace as a single person, go ahead and add, ‘I shall not shi-marry in Jesus’ name!’ and God would grant your desires even as you choose to follow Him.

You may be reading this piece and you are wondering if there is still hope as you may have shi-married. God is the God of second chance. He can transform you and your spouse into just what is needed to make it work… There is still hope!


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