At several instances, I’ve encountered the topic of guys giving salaries to their girlfriends. Three years ago, a lady told me about her bae who used to place her on high salary-  but became broke at some point, leaving her with a 70k salary from him. I was so ‘shook’.

Please don’t ask what the salary is for because I’ve still not found an answer. However, we all know the most obvious answer- but let’s not assume. Not all guys feel they are buying you, some feel they have so much and the person they love should be a part of it. It could also encourage her when she’s broke.

I’ve been asking bae to place me on salary too and he has refused; it’s so disappointing (don’t mind me, I just like free money).

So what do you think? Should financially stable guys “place” their girlfriends on salaries? What does that mean to you? Guys, what do you think is the motive for any guy doing that? You can share personal experiences too.

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