A template related to loveI was talking with a friend one day and he asked me a funny question. Why is it that many girls leave their boyfriends to date ‘older’, ‘more experienced’ or ‘married’ men? I jokingly replied “they are better at dealing with and taking care of women than you single guys AKA inexperienced guys”.

Let’s examine it critically.

True, married men are more experienced. They know how to handle the tantrums we girls throw (especially when our visitor is around), they read our emotions and know how to respond plus they are loaded and can buy whatever we request for. I know a girl who broke up with her boyfriend, someone other girls were seriously coveting, just so she could date married men. I really can’t judge her. I’ve dated one myself (gist for another day).

Most of the time, we just wish our inexperienced boyfriends would read our minds to know what’s wrong with us, like they are magicians. But married men can do this perfectly. This is what makes us ‘fall in love’ with them. Have you ever wondered how they can do this? Were they not once inexperienced boys? Surely they were not born magicians.

The answer is they are married. Meaning they’ve dated/courted/engaged/broken up with a lot of girls. And they are living with one. They have the daily opportunity to make mistakes with the woman they are married to and how to correct the mistakes. They know when to talk and when not to in order to maintain ‘peace’ in the house.

With this is mind, why can’t we give this opportunity to our ‘inexperienced’ boyfriends and groom them into the man we would love and cherish forever? It’s only a matter of time before they’ll be able to read our minds like the mind-readers we want them to be. Another woman has worked hard for her property and you want to claim it? Be nice. How would you feel if some chic was all over your husband?


Unsettled Adnan


So help me God.
Thank you all for forgiving my disappearing act. It will not happen again. 😀


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