Single, not Shingles

It’s February. The month of love.

Oh, You are rolling your eyes?

No hopes of getting Valentine’s gift?

Sorry my dear. You are probably dreading your colleagues at work. They never cease to make comments about your single status.

Last year, they asked you if you’ve ever being “toasted” before. This year only God knows the jibe they will deliver. To cap it all, all your friends are getting gifts upon gifts from their bae while you are in one corner, wondering why you are the only one without a boo.

For the men, you probably act like you don’t care but you secretly wonder why girls are not interested in you in a romantic way. Maybe you just came out of a relationship  and are still healing. Truth be told, the whole romantic love thing sucks sometimes BUT what if you had the chance to have good laugh at your singleness? Not disparagingly but appreciatively because hey, you don’t have to be in a relationship or be married to have a good time on Valentine’s Day, right?

Joseph Solomon’s “The Singles” might just be what you need. Listening to his monologue/spoken word performance on the subject of singleness is absolutely liberating. You get to be light-hearted at your single state and the annoying antics some people in your life employ in order to get you hitched.

Humorously pointing the struggles of being single, he undermines the tendency of being disturbed about not being in a romantic relationship. As if this is not enough, he overdoses us with a wonderful spoken word performance where he mentions four crucial things every single should take note of. At the end of the performance, you get to understand that singleness is not a disease. It’s something to embrace and enjoy because life is all about God and how He sees us in Christ. So no pressures y’all.

Singleness is not a disease, it's something to embrace and enjoy because life is all about God and how He sees us in Christ. So no pressures y'all. Click To Tweet

You can find the link to the performance here:



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Omobolanle Abiola is a young Christian lady who's currently trying out new things while finding her authentic self (in Christ, of course). She loves to read, draw and engage in interesting conversations (amongst other things).
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