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If you have watched the movie The Perfect Guy, you would have come to the conclusion I have that the perfect guy or lady is a myth, he or she does not exist. If anyone poses to you as perfect, then it is either of these; 

  1. He/She is hiding something

I bet some individuals have mastered the art of deception and can make you see just what they want you to see. They have the quality of a good player, exhibiting just the good and charming characteristics that will make them acceptable to you. Most of the times, they are merely acting, hiding their real self beneath their skin, more like what the bible described as wolves in sheeps clothing.

The sad part of this is that you are totally oblivious to the fact that you are being played, whereas their action has been premeditated to them; more like it has been scripted and it being performed.

How sad many people fall victim of their charm and allure, and this is mostly because they are looking for a perfect individual of which such individuals sweep them off their feet without efforts; ready prey.

  1. You are not looking well enough

I bet not every individual that seems perfect are not players trying to deceive you and sweep you off your feet, but you are the one not looking well enough.

No one is perfect, that is a long age truth.

Some individuals have however mastered good morals and qualities and thus exhibits good character that presents them as someone without flaws. Note that these set of people are not out to kill as well, they are just being themselves in all sincerity. They open the doors for you, help you with your load, address the waiter and gate guard with respect, yeah, all these actions are who they are, but in reality, no one is perfect.

I once found myself in this situation, I met a lady that made me wish I was single, then after the relationship I was in ended, *booya!!!* I sought to know this too-good-to-be-true lady. After a couple of hang-outs, something you will call dates, I found out that she wasn’t perfect, but then, my desire to pursue a relationship with her even heightened.

Everyone has a flaw or the other, this might not be the perfect case and this is not the post to argue about settling for less of ourselves because everyone is perfect. knows better than that. You can read this post THE BEST OF US, but the focus here is this; the best place to find out about the inevitable and unavoidable weakness we all bear as humans is not in marriage. Whether you will marry the person with their weakness is a different topic, but you dont want to go believing the person you are walking down the aisle with is Mr Perfect or Miss Perfect, only to be married and see the obvious skeleton in their cupboard, a skeleton that wasnt hiding all along.

Watching the movie”The Perfect Guy will send some really cold chills down your spine. You will be extra careful at just jumping into any man or lady’s life; you will be careful to take cautious look before making your decision as to who to be with and who you know to be your own definition of perfect which comes with embracing a whole lot of his/her flaws.

But this is the mistake we all make; we are too blinded by our desires, or for some people, the pressure to find a man, to find a woman, to conceive before their biological clock ticks out, to give their ageing parents grandchildren….but does all of this parle with the price of unhappy and possible harmful (to the tone of death) marriage?

Leah Vaughn (Sanaa Lathan) was too impatient to be like her friend with kids, that she couldn’t wait anymore for her man to take his time and not be pressured into getting marriage. She broke up with him and fell into the hand of a bipolar disorder criminal phycopath, Carter Duncan (Michael Ealy), who knew what she wanted and skilfully played her such that she already invited him to her parents in less than two weeks of meeting him.

If marriage is till death do you part which is based on scriptural principle and not the recent trend even in the body of Christ, then you should take every caution to ensure you know what you are doing, what you are doing, and not fall into Dr David Olukoyas definition of a bad marriage: hell on earth.

Thank you for reading, I bet it was worth the read. kindly share your opinion as a comment below 🙂


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1 Comment

  1. True talk bro. It was a beautiful read too.

  2. True. Nice one.

  3. I had a friend i fell in love with and I thought she was perfect and as such, always imagined not marrying her to be a loss (I’m 22). I know my flaws and didn’t think myself good enough for her. But God is bringing me to forgive myself, embrace God’s Love for me, change and be a better me. I am learning that I can change because of God’s unending love for me. My focus is shifting from changing cause I need someone in my future to experiencing God’s grace and love for,me, living for him. He is making this change in me with different posts like one Jordin Sparks about love not always being the romantic we’ve tot it, Jackie Hill Perry, this post amongst many other channels. I know God loves me. Thanks bro

  4. Lovely piece. sometimes when some ladies describe their ‘ideal man’ I just wonder if God created that dude..the earlier we admit no one is great in all areas the better. Even the moon has a dark side it never shows us. God help us all.

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