What Do You Do When You Think Your Friend Is Dating The Wrong Person? 25 Responses

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When your friend is dating or about to date someone you think is wrong for them, the situation can be quite dicey. What do you in such a situation?

In order to shed more wisdom on the issue, Lifegiva recently asked the above question on its Instagram page. Below are the answers given by different individuals, for the sake of order, we decided to list them below. We hope you find them insightful. Here goes:

  1. Have a heart talk with your friend.
  2. Ask them if they are sure about what they’re doing.
  3. Try to speak to them and know where their head and heart is at.
  4. Pray about it.
  5. Tell them and save them from future heart break.
  6. So l prayed it out! Like. O break ni. Instantly. She’s repented sha. But yeah that’s it.
  7. I prayed. And obviously talked to her. But talking wasn’t doing much but distancing her.
  8. Mann. This hit home. I can totally relate because we suffer from this.
  9. Create a book club with the person on a book that would speak to her situation.
  10. Pray. Speak to them and proceed to bind and cast in the spirit too.
  11. Tell them what I think, and support their choice.
  12. Pray, advice and give them the space to make their decision.
  13. I would say, talk to your friend. But you have to lay down facts as to why said person is not right. I’d also not impose my decision or opinion on him or her. We have the right to make choices.
  14. Pray sincerely and consistently about it.
  15. Advice him or her, make them see that light and darkness can’t relate. Then pray for him/her.
  16. Make sure you’re not biased and there’s actually something not right about them. Talk to your friend. I will also speak to someone they respect if they won’t listen to me.
  17. No time. Let’s talk ni. Straight. I used to be reserved before but burn haff burn us.
  18. Mind your business.
  19. Pray. Sometimes share your opinion. Mostly pray. Scatter the relationship in the spirit realm.
  20. But really… My friend… I should be able to tell them the truth. Doesn’t mean they will listen.
  21. Pray! Hold their picture and light candle.
  22. Pray for kasala to burst. Okay no. Pray for discernment and ask thought provoking questions.
  23. Omo!
  24. Talk to them about it and pray for them.
  25. Embarrass the person in your friend’s presence. Lol. Just kidding. Just don’t pretend to like the person. That’s hypocritical. Support your friend regardless and pray for the best.
It seems there are no straitjacketed ways of handle this matter. However, one can pick one thing from these answers: Exercise care for the sake of the friendship. And pray too. Let’s not forget that.

Have you ever been in a similar situation? Please comment below. We love to hear from you.


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    1. Pray about it. Casually refer a sermon or book to them. If you two are really close, you can have a conversation about it.

      I’ll recommend the book and sermon, Dating Intelligently by Pastor Laju Iren.
      Sermon is available here
      Book is available on Okadabooks

      1. Spot on, Favour.

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