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As I promised, I will be sharing some of my life’s experiences so here’s one. I’m sure I’m not alone in this.
A lot has happened in my life within a short time that at some point, I started questioning my sanity. Let me just give you one of the many gist. I just found out recently that I’ve been hooking up with a married man. Yep, you read that right.
Ok. I may have exaggerated there but I believe that once you give a girl a ring indicating your interest in spending the rest of your life with her (marriage), then in my book, you’re as good as married. Cos why on earth would you engage a girl if you don’t want to get married to her? You just gave her a ring. Is she Lord of the Rings? And please don’t give me the ‘I am afraid to lose her’ or ‘she pressured me into doing it’ line. That’s just crap. Man up and wife her or take a walk!
In my last post (Read here: REACHING LOVE LIMIT) I wrote about my not-so-good experiences with men and Tolu’s advice. I thought of the things he asked me to do (and I did) and then I started questioning a lot of things. I thought I spoke to God about my past and how I did not want to experience those things again. I thought I made it clear that I wanted to be in love with someone who adores me and has eyes ONLY for me. Why then did he send a ‘married’ man my way? I thought I had a good judgment of people? And to think that I was almost falling in love with this guy……. I don’t think I’ve ever felt so stupid in my entire 20-something years of existence.
I’m a person that believes so much in Karma. What if something similar happens to me later on? In my defence, I didn’t know he was married. He made me feel like the only girl in the world. He made me laugh. He made the sky seem blue again. And then I had the rug under my feet pulled away roughly and landed on m butt. I feel like I’m back to square one. Just when I was beginning to have faith in men and love, this happens. All I could think of for a while was ways to hurt this guy. (I may still be thinking that way). I mean, really hurt him. But I’m grateful I found out when I did.
And then someone will come and tell me true love exists? Please.
‘On a second thought, should I go get my man; her man?’ (read here to understand)


Unsettled Adnan


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Go get your man!

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