Modesty Hacks: Revamping Your Dresses Into Modest Wears

Hi guys!

We’d be doing a series on modesty hacks. So in this series, we’d be looking at modesty hacks for various clothing. In this part, we’d look at modestify-ing gowns. In this part of the series, we’d be looking at revamping the not-so-modest or not-modest-at-all dresses to fit our modesty standards.

I really don’t know if I am the only one who feels very uncomfortable wearing not-so-modest dresses. It is worse when I buy it myself. But it is becoming increasingly difficult to get a modest piece that is trendy and fashionable in the stores as if to say trendy is anti-modest. So yeah, you could get some modest pieces but you end up looking so out of fashion. That is why most people settle.. so you’d hear things like..”Afterall, it’s not so clingy…” or “It’s only short when I seat”. This ought not to be so.
The reason why we are modest is not because we want to make heaven or live by some rules or stuff but because we honor God and because we value our bodies for what it is – the temple of the Most High God.

So I have discovered a way to strike a balance: maintain my modesty standards and still look fashionable and that’s the point of this series: modesty hacks.

  • Sleeveless / Strapless gowns.

Who else has stumbled on really nice and dresses only to discover they are tube gowns? They may even be non-clingy and extra long but strapless or sleeveless or tiny-hand… the heartache I feel especially when the dress is beautiful enh no be here. Lol.. Thank God we can combine and come out with something really modest and classy. You can wear a top (shirt, blouse) on the inside or outside (fancy matching crop top, jacket or bolero). You only have to make sure the combination fits. For instance, if the dress is loud and really detailed, you may want to go for a plain top and vice versa. The colors also should match.

Source: Our lovely dessert ***A nice cover up for the arms.

Source:  ***The shirt just changes the whole appearance. It can be a blouse, a cape… anything. Be sure to ensure the colors match though. Color blocking is not of God, lol..

  • Tight/Clingy dresses.

To get a modest version of this, you can combine this with a not-so-straight skirt. It maybe a pleated, flared or A-Line.

Source: Set Apart Style ***Nobody needs to know it’s a dress and not a blouse 🙂

  • Short dresses.

I have some really fancy dresses that are short. Instead of compromising on my modesty stand, I just really combine it with either a skirt or trousers (maybe jeans, leggings or normal pants)

Source: Pinterest

  • Dresses with slits.

Getting a straight skirt of matching color even if it just stops below your knees works. You could also wear leggings such that which way the slit turns, your thighs and legs are properly covered.

Source: Set Apart Style **Spot the red pencil skirt under the dress to cover for the exposed thighs the slits bring. Some dresses have a higher slit, works also. If it is a long flowing dress and the slit cuts really high, you can wear a matching color or dark colored leggings so that either way you turn, you don’t show excess skin.

A few extras – Scarves, mufflers, and capes can work wonders in modestify-ing your dresses. As you work at being creatively modest, God sees your efforts in honoring Him, your body (His temple) and others around you. And He would reward you accordingly. Don’t fall into the trap of feeling inadequate or less because there is no ‘skin-showing’. There is beauty, class and honor in being modest.

PS: This is just an idea of how you can turn your style upside down. There is no end to how creative you can be…

Much love girls! (and well boys that read too, lol)

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