A past so deep haunts Jadesola. Sim runs in the shadows of who she thinks she is. The two sisters run the same path, yet never meet at any point- until the cross. Muddled Affairs shows that it is at the cross that every failure, every pain, every shame is taken away and replaced with a newness of heart. Some days, it is the ones we love that hurt us. What we do is to take it to the cross and leave it there.

Simi came in and seemed like she just saw a ghost.

“What’s going on here?” she asked, unsure of if her eyes were only deceiving her.

“What does it look like?” Mariam asked her as she got up and adjusted her shirt and skirt. Kolapo adjusted his trousers. Obviously, they were going to go all the way before she bumped in.

Simi sat down, looking confused. “Ma..Mariam…”

“Don’t Mariam me, you slut”, she cut in with no sign of remorse.

“What did I ever do?”

“I’ll tell you”, Mariam replied with a wicked smile on her face. “You took Chief Gbade from me”, she said. Kolapo and Simi stole glances at each other and looked at her in shock.

“What’s this about?”, Kolapo asked, wondering if Mariam was into him, or if she merely set him up  to play a game on her friend.

“Kolapo, please stay out of this. Your assignment here is over”, she replied and turned her gaze back to Simi. “We were together that day and he looked at me first”, she said, with anger written all over her face. “But of course. You seduced him, as you always do, like you are the only fine girl in Nigeria”, she said spitefully.

Simi said nothing. She stared at Mariam, unsure of what to do, whether to scream or to get up and leave with the little dignity left. She was about to spill out her guts and insult Mariam when she remember her sister, Jade’s words,

A soft answer turns away wrath….

She didn’t know where that came from. She never used to listen to her sister, so she was surprised that popped up. “I am sorry, Mariam”, she began, sounding as soft as a little child. Mariam and Kolapo looked at her with the utmost form of surprise and shock at the same time. “I didn’t know this was how you felt, I didn’t mean to…to take Gbade from you…I didn’t even know you were interested”, she said as tears came down her face”.

“You always got all the great guys because of your beauty”

“Beauty has its price, Mariam”, Simi replied as she stood and paced round the sitting room. “See where vanity has brought me…now I am pregnant and I have no idea of who the father is…and all the men I have been with of recent are married, except Kolapo”, she sounded regretful. “How would I have done this to Jade? Or to Amelia? Or to God? I feel so foolish…this…this…”she stormed out of the house immediately in tears, and Kolapo ran after her begging her to wait. Mariam sat down and began to weep profusely.

Simi continued to run until she boarded a bike and entered and zoomed off before Kolapo could catch up with her. She continued to cry as the bike man asked softly on noticing her tears.

“Where madam?”

“Lakunle please”

As they went, Simi began to remember her days as a young child, when she would hopelessly flirt with guys and use her body to lure them into doing what they probably didn’t want to. She remembered Jade’s words again and she cried the more on hearing them in her head.

“Your body is God’s temple”

“Flee from all forms of immorality”

“You are the apple of His eyes”

“It’s too late”, she whispered to herself as the bike came slowly to a halt.  They were in front of a church. Jade’s church.

The bike man collected his money and sped off, while Simi looked all over the compound of the church, wondering why she even stopped at the bus stop in the first place.


She rose her head up and saw Jade coming out of the church with an elderly woman. They both looked surprised to see her.  Tears began to come down Simi’s eyes as Jade looked confused. She didn’t know whether to walk away or to comfort her sister. She was hurting too. She had no children. She was hurting too.

The elderly woman (Madame Ben) walked up to Simi and hugged her as Simi pressed in and continued to cry. Jade walked up and hugged Simi and kissed her cheek.

“I’m sorry sis..”

“Shh Shh”, she said as she looked into Simi’s eyes. “It’s going to be alright my baby”, she added as she smiled at Simi.

“I was so foolish”, Simi said. “I should have known…”

“We all have our ignorant days, dear”, Madame Ben said as the three of them headed into the church. “At least, now you know there is a better way..”

“Jade I have something to tell you..”

“Is it about Paul?”, she asked curiously.

“Y…Yes”, Simi replied sadly.

“You slept with my husband, Simi”, Jade replied, looking straight at her.

Simi wanted to enter the ground. How did she know? How…Mariam…

“I have forgiven you Simi, but you can no longer stay in my house”, she said, smiling.

“I thought you said you had forgiven me”

“Yes, I have, but my husband’s weakness is women. You both might fall into the same error in my house again. I don’t want that” Jade replied remorsefully.

“Jade, is there anything you want to say to your sister?”

“Yes, she replied. Simi knelt down immediately and put her hands on her legs. “I want you to desist from all these. Do you want to see yourself in hell before you realize this is no good?”

“Sis, I have gone too far…”

“Nothing is too far with Jesus Christ baby”., Jade replied as she began to cry too. “You’re not the only one with a past. We all have pasts baby…” Jade said as tears continued to drop from her face.

“I’m so sorry, sis”

“I’m sorry too dear”, Jade replied. “I should have been more open with you; you probably wouldn’t have made similar mistakes”

“I don’t understand…”


Written by; Oyinkansola Ige

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