A past so deep haunts Jadesola. Sim runs in the shadows of who she thinks she is. The two sisters run the same path, yet never meet at any point- until the cross. Muddled Affairs shows that it is at the cross that every failure, every pain, every shame is taken away and replaced with a newness of heart. Some days, it is the ones we love that hurt us. What we do is to take it to the cross and leave it there.

Simi put the key in the knob and turned it.

“Yes!”, she whispered under her breath, like a child sneaking into the house with joy of the gone parents.

She entered the house and locked the door immediately.

“What a day”, she said to herself as she went into her room. She sat down on her lilac-blanketed bed and looked around the room, like she was expecting something to change. Nothing had. She hissed.

She was about to remove her clothes and head into the shower when she heard her phone ring.

Caller ID: Uncle Paul.

‘What does this stupid man want again?’, she thought to herself as she decided to pick.

“Can’t you get off my back, Paul?”, she asked in a defensive tone.

“I’ve always known you were too smart for your own good”

“It’s smart girls like me that change the world and make pedophiles like you hit kirikiri”, she replied sarcastically.

“Trust me; what is up my sleeves for you is worse than any experience you’ll ever go through in Kirikiri…”

“You don’t scare me”, she replied rather gruntly. “I will report you to Jadesola. Your marriage to her will end once she finds out, you this ashewo. I will ruin you. You think you can come in and blackmail me…”

“I know you’re pregnant, Simi”, he cut in, softly.

Simi was dazed. ‘I’ll kill Mariam’, she whispered to herself. “Of what concern of yours is that?”

“I have a strange feeling the baby is mine…”

“You are shameless, Paul, very shameless. We had sex once and this is what you decide to come up with. Thank your stars I don’t swear, if not…”

“You had bettered not abort that baby, we both know your medical condition”

“I regret ever opening up to you in one night of passion, just one night. If you call me again…”

“I told your sister about Chief Gbade”.

Simi’s face turned white. “ did what?”

“If I were you, I’d just play game. Stop being such a feminist. It fits you not.”

Simi was silent. This time, all her options were out. Kolapo hadn’t called her since the transfer. Mariam had told her sternly to get a paternity test, how possible was that without drama filling the air? Now Paul was blackmailing her? And her sister… ‘Oh…Jadesola…”, she thought.

“When you’re ready to be a good girl, call me so we can talk this over..”

“Paul I…”

Click! He hung  up.

Simi sat down and began to cry again.


Jade had locked the door and taken her key with her to the room, so as to have some alone time, and so that Simi wouldn’t know she was around. She heard Simi walk in and she was almost tempted to confront her about Chief Gbade. But it would be her loss. Simi would probably walk out of the house again and make their mother call her names.  She didn’t want that, so she allowed Simi.

Lord, what do I do? How could she…

‘Love easily forgives’

Lord she didn’t offend me, I am just angry with myself. I am supposed to be her big sister. She’s all over the place and I can’t even control her? I have enough issues. I don’t have a child of my own. My husband smells like someone who is seeing another woman.  My in-laws don’t like me.

‘Today’s troubles are enough. Peace’

That was all she heard. That was all she could sense in her heart. And she wanted to cry. Because she knew Paul could do anything, almost anything… including marry a new wife, or get another girl pregnant.

She began to hear Simi’s voice, like she was screaming. She knew Simi had no idea she was around, hence her loud voice. She decided to tiptoe and listen. Curiosity got the better part of her as she went to the front of Simi’s room…

“You don’t scare me” I will report you to Jadesola. Your marriage to her will end once she finds out…You this ashewo. I will ruin you. You think you can come in and blackmail me…”

And the whole place went silent. Was it her “Jadesola” or someone else? She became more curious. Black mail? What shady deal had Simi gotten herself into now? Then Simi’s voice came up again.

“You are shameless, Paul, very shameless. We had sex once and this is what you decide to come up with. Thank your stars I don’t swear, if not…”

Jadesola was dazed. Sex? Paul? Maybe it was another Paul, not her husband. I mean, she always called her husband “Uncle Paul”. She got confused…like she knew the truth and she had to face it but she didn’t want to.

Jadesola… Your marriage to her… blackmail… Shameless… Paul…Sex…

And there and then she knew, her husband had an idea of what was going on with Simi.

She walked briskly to her room as Simi’s voice faded and she fell on the floor and began to sob.

Her sister and her husband were having an affair. No wonder she felt uneasy the day he told her she and Chief Gbade were having an affair.

‘Lord, this is too much…I don’t know what to do. I feel so alone’

You are not alone.

She lay down on the bed, hugged one of the pillows and began to sob all over again.


Written by; Oyinkansola Ige

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