MUDDLED AFFAIR_oyinkansola ige lifegiva“How could you?” Mariam asked, as she paced round her room with tears in her eyes.
“I didn’t have a choice; he was going to expose me…”
“Oh, shut up”, Mariam replied with a look of disgust on her face. “You didn’t have to warm his bed to keep your little secret. Now you’re having his baby…”
“It’s not for certain yet joor”, Simi replied, as she bit her lip and look at Mariam, like she was trying to imply something. Mariam sat down and looked straight at her.
“What is that supposed to mean?”,
“It could be Chief’s baby”
“Chief Gbade?” Mariam asked,  looking tongue struck. “You… you had him too?”
“Mariam, I needed the money….”
Mariam stood up with tears in her eyes. “I thought we agreed no more men?” she asked, looking confused. “You could have asked me for the money. You didn’t have to sleep with him jare! Or you could have asked your sister…
“So she’ll start preaching to me about being prudent and being a proverbs 31 woman? She judges me, I don’t need that…
“Why didn’t you ask me?” Mariam asked
“Because I didn’t want to be a burden to you.”
“This is hopeless. Simi! Haba! We’ve been friends since Model College. I know you too well. Tell me the truth.
“The money was…was for Kolapo’s trip”
“WHAT!” Mariam said as she shook in anger. “Are we still on Kolapo’s matter, ehn Simi?”, Mariam asked looking sad again. “He’s using you…”
“He loves me, Mariam, he really does…”
“And you think Kolapo is going to stay when he finds out that you warm men’s beds for a hobby?” Mariam could see Simi was getting angry, but she didn’t care. “I don’t care if you will raise the roof and cut of my head too, but I have to tell you the truth. Kolapo is deceiving you…”
“He might be the father of my baby, you know?”, Simi replied,
“What in the world happened to condoms, Simi?”, Mariam asked.
“I didn’t want condoms. I just wanted one of them to marry me…”
Mariam sat on the floor, looking distraught, “you’re crazy”
“I know…”


Jade opened her eyes and looked at the time.
8:00am. And she didn’t remember opening the door to welcome Simi. Paul wasn’t back either.
This is madness, she thought to herself. Why is Simi causing me so much pain? Why can’t she be normal? Why?
Suddenly, she felt the urge to pray. She began to pray about different things and she felt urged to pray for Simi’s heart.
“Lord, guard her heart, she could be careless with it”, Jade whispered silently with tears in her eyes.
She knew her sister did not like her. She knew Simi hated the fact that she was a Christian and she couldn’t stand all the bad habits. But then, how best could she explain to her sister, the dangers of living a life outside God?
She heard the sound of the door and knew Paul was back. She ran to open the door.
“Welcome dear”, Jade said.
He did not reply, she collected his briefcase anyway and watched him silently as he walked into the sitting room with slugged shoulders.
“Is …is everything okay?” Jade asked.
He sat on the sofa and removed his shoes without saying anything. Jadesola was stunned. Since when did this nonsense start? Is it because I don’t have a baby? She began to worry all over again.
Love is patient…love is kind….
No! I am not going to take nonsense from this man. He thinks he can just ride me anyhow…
Love is patient…love is kind….
After waiting in the kitchen, Jade came out and saw her husband. His hands were on his head, and he still didn’t look up. She sat beside him and put her arms around him.
“Boo, what’s wrong?”
He looked up and his eyes were red. He was angry about something. She knew it.
“Talk to me, bab…”
“It’s your sister…”
May thoughts began to run through her mind. Did he find her? Was she dead? Did she have an accident?
“What’s wrong with her?”, Jade asked.
He looked at her with all the concern in the world. “She is having an affair with Chief Gbade.”
Chief Gbade. Her late father’s best friend? She began to shake as she remembered those times that he would ask her to allow him take Simi to school, and how foolish she had been to let him. She sat down on the sofa next to Paul and began to cry slowly.
“That old fool…”
“Hush Hush”, Paul replied as he hugged her tightly. “We are going to be alright”.
“How did you know about it?”, Jade asked as she wiped the tears from her face.
“Oh…”, he replied standing up and looking around the house like he lost something. “I saw both of them come out of a hotel together..”
“Waoh,” she replied as she looked up. “Lord, help me..”
“Amen”, he replied as he walked into the room.
Jade relaxed and thought aloud. ‘Something doesn’t feel right…’


Written by; Oyinkansola Ige

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