The first time I ever heard this song, I was in tears. It was that moment in my life I felt I was far away and distant from God.I couldn’t feel Him around me anymore. My prayer life was down and I felt far from God’s presence.
We all have moments in our lives we feel we are not worthy of God’s love or not worthy enough to be seen in His presence or even clean enough to talk with him due to things we’ve done, guilt or lack of self love.
Out of Hiding reminds me that no matter what we feel, what we think of ourselves or how we see ourselves, It doesn’t matter to God.

God sees us the same way, as His children. People he’ll continue to love despite our unfaithfulness or the amount of times we hurt Him.

It reminds me that God sees all, He sees our pain, He sees our tears and struggles and all He wants to do is give us a hug and tell us He’s there.
The song says “I loved you before you knew what was love, I saw it all, still I chose the cross. You’re the one I was thinking of when I rose from the grave“.
He knows all, He knew all and He sees all but still He chose to love us, die for us. He chose to look beyond our shameful selves to bring us to Him. He went to the grave for us, every barrier between us has been torn down. All we have to do is find Him because His arms are forever opened wide waiting for us to come home, back to Him, which is where we belong.
All we have to do is believe.

Song: Out of Hiding (Father’s Song)

Artist: Steffany Gretzinger

Album: The Undoing
Released: 2014
Genre: Christian/gospel


Come out of hiding You’re safe here with Me
There’s no need to cover what I already see
You’ve got your reasons, but I hold your peace
You’ve been on lockdown, and I hold the key


‘Cause I loved you before you knew what was love
I saw it all, still I chose the cross
You were the one that I was thinking of
When I rose from the grave

Now rid of the shackles, My victory is yours
I tore the veil for you to come close
There’s no reason to stand at a distance anymore
You’re not far from home


I’ll be your lighthouse when you’re lost at sea
I will illuminate everything
No need to be frightened by intimacy
Just throw off your fear and come running to me


Oh as you run, what hindered love ( 2nd time)
Will only become part of the story ( 2nd time)


You’re almost home now
Please don’t quit now
You’re almost home to Me
Baby, you’re almost home now
Please don’t quit now
You’re almost home to Me

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