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Steady Heart – Steffany Gretzinger


So its a new year and usually the norm for the beginning of a new year is to set goals, make plans and make a list of stuff you want to achieve in the year. Everyone enters the year with no clue at first, how the year would turn out but still we hope for better things.

This is a year filled with so many uncertainties and also so many decisions and opportunities to take. A lot of us do not even have a clue how to go about it or how to make plans required to make the year a fruitful one.

The good news is we as believers have a God who knows the end of a thing thereof from the beginning and this song for me is more like my prayer of faith for the new year.

The first line says “I can’t see what’s in front of me, still I will trust you.It means no matter what comes my way this year, no matter the things I  face, I have no clue what to do but God I trust you to lead me, I trust you to direct my path.

The bible says “Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I fear no evil for you are with me.

Choose to believe that no matter what you face this year, be it good or bad, you are not alone. God is in it with you and he’s ready to lead you on.

Trust him to guide your path to wherever he wants to that will favor you in every way. You might be clueless on how the year might be but God is never clueless. He knows what he’s doing.

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Like the song says, ‘As the dawn breaks, and the clouds are clear, in an open space, together we will run.’ Meaning, as the new year begins to unfold itself with the opportunities, the setbacks, the favors, the hardships etc. it comes with, there’s no need to worry cos its going to be You and God against the world!

Enjoy the song and make it a prayer today.

Artist: Steffany Gretzinger
Featured artist: Amanda Cook
Album: The Undoing
Released: 2014
Genre: Christian/gospel


Steady Heart Steffany Gretzinger LYRICS


I can’t see what’s in front of me
Still I will trust You, still I will trust You


Steady heart that keeps on going
Steady love that keeps on hoping
Lead me on
Steady grace that keeps forgiving
Steady faith that keeps believing
Lead me on


Though the sky is dark
And the wind is wild
You’ll never leave me, You’ll never leave me


Though the night is long
There is a coming dawn
The light is breaking, the light is breaking


And as the dawn breaks
And the clouds clear
In an open space
Together we will run

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  1. It’s funny how you have a song in your collection and you just happened to come across it somewhere else, you listen to it and you’re like “wow, how come I never noticed this song?” That’s just me right now.

    This blessed me, thanks for sharing

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