My Christmas Miracle

By Olutimehin Ifeoluwa

It was 8pm and Christmas eve. I had just closed  from work and surprisingly, it was heavily in December that snow was expected. I didn’t have a car and there was nobody to drive me home because I closed late. I felt frustrated! I mean, the year had been quite annoying. Annoying? That’s an understatement of how I felt about the year. In less than a year, I lost my twin brother, my fiance just a week to our wedding and my business collapsed. It was a miracle that I did not attempt suicide. Life had been more than cruel to me. I wished I could get away from work before Christmas and travel home for the holidays but then, it was practically impossible.

Now look essentially than four hours to Christmas, with the heavy downpour, my emotion was overstretched, knowing that I couldn’t go back to the office for shelter because all the doors were locked. Talk of tiredness and hunger, what I felt was horrible. It was a complete state of defeat. I walked to the nearest bus station and stood, shivering from the cold. I had been there for about thirty minutes when I saw dimly lit headlamps of a car afar off. I started waving, hoping the driver would see me. 

When I was about to give up, the driver stopped and picked me. He was an elderly man who said he was returning from an old peoples people’s home where he always spent his Christmas eve. “You need some warmth” he said as he looked at me like I was his little girl. I began to feel a way that I hadn’t felt in a long time. “My name is Alfred Stone but you can call me  Fred” he said. “what were you doing out so late?”  “I closed late from work and had no one to drive me home”  I replied. He insisted I go home with him to meet his family and at least have a cup of coffee. I agreed to go after much persuasion.

I met his children and grandchildren who were very pleasant people. I felt so much at home as I was served a cup of coffee with cookies. I hadn’t felt so relaxed in a very long time as I had somehow been estranged to my family, except my twin brother who had died. The brief time I spent with them struck a cord in my heart that I didn’t even know still existed. I really appreciated their company and I told them so. 

When the rain subsided, I took leave of them as I went back to my lonely apartment. Immediately I got home, I slept like a baby and woke up the next morning, the hope in my heart rekindled like amber. I stood up from the bed and picked up my Bible from where it had gathered dust as I remembered a scripture my brother used to share with me. Jeremiah 31:3, “the Lord hath appeared of old unto me saying, Yea,  I have loved thee with an everlasting love ; therefore with loving kindness have I drawn thee. I can’t explain what happened afterwards but all I could remember was that I felt Refreshed and God’s love flooded my heart. I literally felt the arms of Jesus around me, carrying me like His baby girl.

I spent the Christmas morning  studying my Bible and afterwards went for lunch at the Stones’ where I felt real love. I was no longer afraid of what the future held for me as I was reassured of the father’s love for me. I knew too that I had found another family. 

It’s been three years since that dark night laced with uncertainty. I’m now married to Justin Stone, now I am Sophie Stone. Every Christmas reminds me of that Christmas eve when I was shivering in the cold and as I count my blessings, I’ll be sure to give thanks to God for anger without wings and for the miracle of Christmas. 

About Olutimehin IfeoluwaI am Ifeoluwa. I am the beloved of God and a very beautiful or as I say, Beeyouteafull lady. I love volunteering, reading, writing and singing. 

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