My Fear List

I have a number of things that scare me and keep me awake at night.  I realized that these things were negatively affecting my decision-making process;  I was constantly seconding guessing my decisions because ‘’Fear Ruled My Life’’.  

I made a choice to take charge and work on these fears so I made a ‘’Fear List’’. I wrote down all the things I was afraid of in no particular order.

I will not be baring my soul, because many of the things on the list are very personal and I am keeping it between God, Ore and my black note book. However, I will share a few and my realization after making my list.

Ore’s Fear List.
  1. That I will get robbed on Oshodi Bridge in Lagos- A few months ago around 8pm, I was driving home and singing at the top of my lungs as I approached the bridge when a group of Night children attacked me.  Now, I avoid the bridge and I have mapped out alternate routes home.
  2. That I will not get a job I love.
  3. Unhappiness
  4. That my mobile phone will crash- my phones have  this unhealthy habit of crashing
  5. That I will not write a good story, or that I will write a blog post isn’t good enough.
  6. That I am not doing enough for God, that I am wasting my gift of salvation

After making Ore’s Fear List, I turned my fears into prayer points; I actively prayed about each item on the list and gradually I felt confident enough to cross some items off the list because they didn’t scare me anymore.

Above all, I realized that fears are born out of not trusting God completely or as a result of understating the concept of trust but not living in that understanding. 

I, Oreoluwa Abidoye, choose to daily trust God. I wake up in the morning and say it out loud ‘’Today I choose to trust you Lord’’.

We all have things we are afraid of- which end up ruining our good days and worsening our bad days ; I charge you today to not allow the things you fear rule your life. Make a ‘’fear list’’, hand over the list to God, and daily choose to trust.

NB: I have been praying about the Oshodi Bridge matter. I await an answer from my Father. The fear no longer rules me. 

Fears are born out of not trusting God completely. Click To Tweet

Written by; Oreoluwa Abidoye

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Tolulope Oludapo is a young Christian who lends his voice through the media by sharing practical wisdom for everyday living in the most experiential and simplified fashion. This has fetched him the direct followership of over 30,000 users on his blog, lifegiva.com. A blog he founded. He loves to write on varying subjects that affect life, faith, relationship...everyday living.
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