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My playlist – Light and Heat by Blair Linne

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I love spoken word poetry. I love music. This is one of those tracks that is up there for me. Anytime it comes in the shuffle – the words are the only things that matter. Not the beat. The words and maybe the flow. What do the words on this track say? Truth, nothing but the truth. Listen and let it simmer in.
Like that Beautiful Eulogy song says;
The truth hurts, but it let it simmer in so your soul surrenders control.”
This is one track I recommend for your playlist. I recommend the album it’s on, and the previous album in the series; Lyrical Theology Pt 1 & 2.
I recently saw a quote, I don’t remember where but it said;

Our worship is lyrical theology.”


Here is another “ology”

That will lead you to adore the Lord in His sovereignty


But, if I can speak honestly

Some Sundays we walk to the temple of worship

Forgetting that we should already be a temple of worship

That before we make it to church

Your glorious praises should surge in us first

Too busy trying to steal glory in Your chapel

That it’s no wonder why we’re shackled

Cause we’re only concerned with Adam’s apple

Vocal chords, rather than if hearts are open to the Lord

But these hymns hummed in the dopest chords

Are babbling tongues groping for awards


Lord you deserve an apology for our lack of doxology

Lord you deserve an apology for our lack of doxology


Because our theology shows that we are wounded sheep

hunted by a cutthroat world dressed like a brute beast

A little fox, a little yeast

Trying to snuff out the love we have for our High Priest

Our Bridegroom

Some tell us to run around our pews like a typhoon

Replacing truth-filled tunes with emotionalism

Coaxing people to praise,

Get up on your feet, otherwise “Y’all must not be saved.”

Rather than get excited about You, hearts often leap

Once they tell us it’s our season to reap- even though they say it every week

They season services with lies

The truth is, every season is God’s season guys

But we run to the other extreme too

and adopt a stoic supreme view

By saying we should be still, afraid to feel

Remove all keys, drums and steel

So our praise is filled with joy kill

Like Golgotha is where the story ends

You get more rowdy when your sports team wins

Its like worship wars amongst different body limbs

But let’s place our attention on the One who atoned for sins

In order to bring us back in fellowship with Him.

See we are filled with the Holy Spirit, once we’ve been reborn

We all should lay prostrate affected to the core


Hearts softened by Your mercy

Isaiah 6, we’re dirty, but You’re worthy

Lord, we’re thirsty

For Your uncommonness

Turn our attention away from worthless things

Since doxology is the giving of glory rightly

Psalm 63: 4 all day and night, we…

Extend praise, hearts ablaze, hands raised

Standing amazed at the One who is Almighty

Forgive us, Lord, for lessening Your worth

Help us to glory in our Redeemer

Signed, Your universal church


P.S.: There still is another “ology…”



Lyrical Theology Pt 1 on iTunes: CLICK HERE

Lyrical Theology Pt 2 on iTunes: CLICK HERE

Playlist by;

Timi  (@tonymichele_)

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