“MY WOMAN” is a continuation from “THE WOMAN” in a series of memoirs. Read THE WOMAN HERE
My woman
My beloved Theresa,
Light of my light,
Flesh of my flesh,
Bone of my bones,
Desire of my desire,
My precious wife.
Even if there were an island
Of earth’s finest gold and diamonds
It wouldn’t compare in worth
To your scintillating smile.
Not even the waterfalls 
Of the Niagara can match the beauty
Of your long flowing hair..for your beauty is matchless
And divine..
My Theresa was a beauty,
A remarkable woman in every sense 
Of the word.
She was my strength, my joy,
My peace, my anchor.
My sun and moon,
The star that illumined my nights
And the bright cloud that blessed my sunny days.
She found me broken and lost;
A shell of my old self,
Deep in darkness and anguish
And she gave my life meaning again.
First we were friends 
And with her strong arms
She carried me to Christ .
With  her wise counsel
She placed me back on my feet
And  became a role model,
A woman I looked up to 
And never wanted to disappoint.
In some ways she even became 
More like a mother-
Ever so gentle,
Ever so patient,
Ever so caring.
Then one day,
Exactly two years 
After I met her
I went on one knee
And made the best and wisest choice of my life,
And she happily said yes.
Our wedding was so beautiful,
In the first two years I had met Theresa 
She made peace between my family and myself
While we were just friends .
It was a quiet wedding, but beautiful 
Just a reunited family and few close friends.
And on that night of our consummation 
She lit a new fire in my body.
She didn’t engulf me in flames,
But she had this suave,
she lit a thousand unquenchable candles 
In my temple.
She was excellent, precise,
She was Like a surgeon,
She had this touch that made everything beautiful
She treated my body like a priceless jar of oil
Then trained me to handle her body
Like a violin,
I was no longer a savage beast with unbridled passions
But a finely tuned man
With the same burning desire for my woman.
Months later she was pregnant with child
And a beautiful light shone upon our world.
We both cried the day she rushed to the bathroom to vomit.
It was so wonderful,
There was this new closeness we shared and enjoyed
Our marriage was already blissful,
This child just made everything perfect
But then the storm came:
It started as one bad dream
Then it became an unending terror;
The nightmares I had would send me
Screaming and crying late at night,
Every night i would dream of the day
I pushed the woman in my insanity.
Theresa was strong through it all
Holding me in her arms
Where I would sob like a child.
Then a night came
When In my dream I saw myself push Theresa 
And blood gushed from her skull, she died instantly.
That night I screamed and cried,
I ran out of the room like a mad man
Theresa was terrified,
I went to the portrait of the woman
And knelt down, rubbing my hand across the painting
I begged her to release me
To let me be and let me have my life,
I begged her to stop haunting me
And that I was sorry…
It was when I heard the worried voice of my beloved
That sanity returned and I quickly ran
To her aid, her belly had become round and beautiful
And  as she painfully came down the stairs
I looked at her…she was my redemption
Without her I was nothing…
We finally got advice from a doctor:
I needed to go to the house where I once lived
And face the horrible memory,
Without it I would loose my mind..
The two hour journey
Was one of gross silence.
We had a driver take us
I was so terrified I couldn’t drive,
I held on to Theresa’s hand like a little boy
Who had just seen a ghost
And like her divine self
 She Kept reassuring me that everything would be fine.
When we got to  the house
It took Theresa’s beckoning for me 
To leave the car.
It felt like a haunted castle,
Theresa held my hand as we went towards the house together.
It was her first time seeing it
And As we walked in memories
Engulfed my mind like a wild fire.
I went into each room
With deep hurt and pain,
And Theresa held my hand all along.
I never entered that bedroom
Since the day I woke up
In the hospital,
As we entered the room
Theresa was surprised
And jealous ,
She said she had never seen 
Any room so beautiful.
I fell on my knees
As the memory of that night
Ravaged my mind and heart.
I held my head and closed my eyes
And tears flowed,
Theresa patted my back gently
I felt so selfish; I hated the fact that I had
To make her go through all my troubles,
But i guess being flesh of flesh
And bone of bones, is more than a mere metaphor.
When we got to the living room
I stared like I had seen a ghost. 
I let go of Theresa’s hand
And walked slowly into the living room alone.
Theresa stayed behind,
She read my mind, I needed to do this alone.
I closed the door behind me,
And fell on the floor
I remembered it all;
Like a tsunami, my mind was flooded with the saddening event
Of that horrific night.
i lay down,tugged the carpet
And wept.
I let out a loud scream, and I could hear Theresa’s faint sob
And on that living room floor I began to mutter the word 
I sobbed bitterly,
Minutes later as I managed to look up, I saw the marble stool
Upon which Irene fell hard,
I rose up speedily
Lifted up the stool and smashed it on the ground 
And as the fine stool broke into pieces
I knelt down and started slamming large bits of the marble
On the floor , I hurt my hand severally
But i didn’t care, I was fighting and I must win.
Theresa came in and saw me looking like a mad creature
Her hand was on her mouth
She was in tears
I knelt , with a sunken look
She held my head close to her bulging stomach
I held her hands and kept saying that i was sorry.
Then suddenly, the baby kicked in her womb
And we both looked in each others eyes with shock,
I rose and we hugged
Our eyes full of tears and joy
Then Theresa whispered in my ear
‘It’s over,you won Michael’
‘Our joy is here’….
I walked out if that house a new man
Not long after i Sold the house
And the money gotten
Was used to turn our bedroom into
The nightmares seized,
The baby kicked,
And we waited for our beautiful child to be born.
I was a healed man, now ready to become a father.
Theresa was a victor,
She had broken the woman’s chains and set me free 
The stage was set, a new journey was about to begin
We had a beautiful son,
After three long hours of blood sweat and sorrow
Came the beautiful cries of a baby
Whose sound  was more melodious 
Than the best orchestra.
It was a sound from heaven
A sound that marked the end of an era 
and the beginning of a new one.
When I carried the baby in my arms
I knew all my sorrows were ended.
They were drowned in the ocean of 
His beautiful blue eyes
And his laughter and cries
Filled my heart with rest and peace.
Years later we had Pearl,
Then Katniss,
Then Edna,
Then Irene , yes Irene 
Theresa chose to name her Irene 
As a reminder that the old was gone
And the new was come
Although she later regretted it
Because in her words
I was more fond of Irene than all the other gems
She had borne for me.
What more can I say about the beautiful years we had?,
We grew in wealth,
Our children grew strong,
Our home was united and solid
Like an undefeatable army.
Irene was kidnapped once
My world turned into despair, 
But she was found
Safe and unharmed, and we all went
To a private island for a vacation
To recover from the trauma.
I never let Irene out of sight again..
All our daughters married responsible men,
And John my boy married a wonderful woman
Her name is Isabel,
She was a copy of Theresa
When she and Theresa chatted, which they always did
Every time John came over or we went visiting,
Their laughter lit the whole house,
It always made my son and I look to ourselves 
And look heavenward 
Then we would say in unison
“Thank you dear God, for the wife you gave me”.
when John died at war,
Their cries rent the heavens
And it rained so heavily at his burial.
They had a son, Michael 
A brilliant lad, with a wild spirit
Who also wants to become a soldier like his dad.
I thank God i would not be alive
To see if he died in war or not..
I begged Isabel to remarry and find love again,
She refused vehemently
Until Theresa took her for a long walk
And narrated to her how she had lost her fiancé 
6 months to their wedding
And how her world was torn apart
And she vowed to be single 
Till she met me…
We made sure she didn’t marry another soldier
She’s found love again with an artist
Who paints pictures of her almost daily
And till this day , she still calls me father,
Her new husband is a nice man
He visited Theresa and I often
And wept bitterly at her funeral
For to him, it felt as though Isabel had died
They were so alike!!!
Ah, yes, my rose left me
Her travails and illness I will not speak of
For that would be like crucifying myself
All over again.
I will not say her final words
She told me to keep them buried deep and sacred 
In my heart.
But before she died I thanked her for 
All she had given me;
A wonderful new life, a priceless family,
48 years of perfect bliss and harmony.
It also rained heavily on her funeral
But I stood at her tombstone for hours…
Okay to be honest I stayed there for days
Before my daughters pleaded with me
To let go, lest I become mad because of grief
Theresa’s grave was beside john’s 
And for five days I ate and slept in between 
It was a horrific moment in my life
But thankfully I lived through it.
I really wished Theresa had met the woman,
But Christ would not let it be
So I rest my case.
My woman
So precious, so tender,
So lovely, so beautiful.
I really cannot wait to rejoin you
Who knows maybe you might lead me
Like an angel 
To Christ’s sovereign throne
Like you did with his cross
While on earth.
I love you
More than words can carry,
More than music can sound,
More than art can beautify,
More than the sun can brighten….
You are, and will forever remain
My woman.

Article extracted from the book “MEMOIRS OF LOVE by Princewill Esekhile

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