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During the second week of July 2018, we noticed something very unusual on the website, Facebook and Instagram blacklisted the website link, every time we shared an article to Facebook, Facebook takes it down and marks it malicious and unsafe based on their community policy.

We checked the website and realized that every time you try to access any of the articles on the site, including the home page;, it redirects you to some shipping company’s website.

Voila! We have been hacked.

This was the obvious conclusion, we then closed the front end access to the website, so we can clean out the malicious script on the site, the problem turned out to more rigorous than we thought and had eaten so deep into the site.

After about a month of working on getting the website back and coming to a pretty good but vulnerable place, we got hacked again, this time by a religious hacking society whose beliefs are against the content on the website.

But after rigorous work, we are back!!!

The hacks have affected us in some ways, so we will be needing your help with the following;

  1. We want Content –

we want to blog moreeeee, like an average of 3 articles daily, and this time, we are going broad, wild and rich. Not just limited to Christian articles (don’t get me wrong, we are still a Christian blog, but Christian watch all kinda movies, listen to music, do other things non-christian, so we want to have all kind of articles that gives life )

  1. We want Funds/Donation –

We want to set some funds aside to publicise the blog, seeing that being offline for 3 months now have adversely affected our online ranking and presence.

If you want to partner with us for this, click here.

  1. We want you to be our Ambassador –

I believe you messaged because you know and have experienced the importance of the website, so help us spread the word. Share (retweet, repost…) our articles, mention people on our social media platforms…

  1. We want to be better –

We are open to suggestions, tell us what we can do, what we can do better, what we should change…

Thank you so much as I believe you can do at least one of the above.

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