Not Allowed to Attend The Church of Your Choice?

Recently, someone complained to a Lifegiva that their parents refused to allow them to attend the church of their choice. According to them, they are not growing spiritually there, and their prayer life is deteriorating. Sounds familiar to you? Well, you are about to get some proper advice.

Not Allowed to Attend the Church of Your Choice? All Hope is Not Lost

Here’s the advice the Lifegiva gave our embattled friend: 

“As much as church is important, what would you do if you’re in Iran where you can’t attend church service? Don’t tie your growth to church. I know church is important and takes a vital role in your spiritual growth.

Thanks to technology, you don’t need to be physically present to be blessed by a church, pastor and ministry. 

Get their sermons, watch the service.


Get their publications and newsletter.

And be a diligent student. Put in the extra work.

And I bet you’ll see more growth than someone who attends physically and isn’t submitting or consuming the teachings.”

From the foregoing, it would seem in a situation like this, submitting to/following the teaching of a church is more important than physical attendance. At least, pending the time one is able to change church. Also, one can do any/all of these things if not allowed to attend the church of your choice.

Not allowed to attend the church of your choice? Get their sermon and watch their services. Click To Tweet

Another Lifegiva added that while following that ministry helping one to grow spiritually, one should not be a bad example in the church one is forced to attend. Even if one don’t agree with everything, participate when they’re getting it right.

Have you ever found yourself in a similar situation? Please share your experience.

Or you would like to read more about this matter? Do check out “Handling Parents with a Different Belief from Yours

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