Not Everyone is Having Sex Before Marriage – Laju Iren

Sometimes, you see a post on Instagram and cannot help but say, “it’s about time somebody said something about this!” If you have always wanted to correct people who say “Everyone is having sex before marriage”, today might just be your lucky day. Laju Iren, also known as the Lord Storyteller, has done so for you.

So what had happened was that she came across a post that claimed in some way that everyone is having sex before marriage.

They said nobody left secondary school as a virgin. And a ton of people agreed. But one lady commented that she left university as a virgin. And she got ridiculed and shut down for daring to oppose their view!

Of course, like you, the Lord Storyteller had something to say about it. According to her, generalizations make people who are doing the right thing afraid to speak up because they think that they are in the minority. Just like that lady. As a result of this generalization, everyone thinks everyone else is doing it (having sex before marriage).

In her own words “… when it comes to sexual history, you can only speak for yourself, allow others the same courtesy. If you weren’t a virgin before you got married, no one is judging you, but don’t go out of your way to make your experience the standard.” As a person who has counselled many couples on sex education, she also confirmed that not everyone is having sex before marriage.

In addition, Laju Iren went on to talk about how she and her husband didn’t have sex before marriage. She also mentioned that virginity is not what saves but the grace of God. And that to shame people who decide to wait before having sex is not right.

Finally, she implored everyone who is choosing to be celibate before marriage to “refuse to be bullied into silence.”

According to her, “if people are unafraid to own their bad behaviour, why on earth should you be afraid to own your good behaviour?”

Why, indeed. What are your thoughts about this issue? Why are people who choose to be celibate shamed on social media? Please share in the comment section below.

You can read the original post here. Would you also like to read “No Marriage is Exempt from Tests and Trials, says Mrs Black“?

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Omobolanle Abiola is a young Christian lady who's currently trying out new things while finding her authentic self (in Christ, of course). She loves to read, draw and engage in interesting conversations (amongst other things).
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