So the new Chairman of Nigeria railway is 79 years of old. Yes 80 minus 1. For what reason could that be? Maybe for a roust experience to revive the “near grave” experience of the industry, or maybe there is no other person in the entire country capable and well trained enough for the assignment (LoL! I doubt that).
“We are the future” referring to the youths and I suppose that in Nigeria, the future is not yet here. A nation where practically every organization, fields and sectors are manned by people that should be long gone into their retirement, whose “registered age” is already passed the retirement line, hopefully their registered age is the same as their birth age.
In a lecture by Sanusi Lamido Sanusi at the TEDX Youth at Maitama (WATCH HERE), Sanusi Lamido Sanusi gave the 65 million youths of Nigeria an idea. He asked what it will take to get one 40 year old intelligent, committed patriotic Nigeria and ask all the youth to vote for him. Or address each sector and takeover them. I kinda see sense in this.
I must point out that a national newspaper *(Osun Defender) in announcing the appointment of the new Chairman of the Nigeria Railway Corporation used this headline “Jonathan Compensate Tukur With Nigerian Railway Corporation Chairman”, If you ask for my opinion, even if that is not true, the use of compensate suggests a lot.

It’s ISSUESCOPE, let me hear your opinion on this.


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