Overlooking Distractions

20150408183930-focus-distance-view-startup-marketingLike I always tell my friends and associates, whenever you set a goal, distractions are inevitable especially if it is worth it. It is akin to trying to fire a bird perching on a branch of tree or a pole wire. While you are trying to balance to release the stone on the sling of the catapult, distractions start coming from different angles; it is either you start seeing other birds or your friend is calling you to see other birds among others. However, it will take only a focused person to hit the target as one cannot hit the target he is not determined to get. Simple fact.

The moment I made up my mind on going back to school, a friend of mine asked if I were interested in working in her place of work. At first, I was tempted to abandon my programme but after brooding on the fees I paid and what I wanted, I declined. Shortly after that, I received another offer from a company I once applied for long ago, I also turned it down.

Although, I had mixed feelings as I needed a job but since it would interrupt what I wanted to do, I could not help it but turned it down. More over, they were all in different locations. So I just had to cross my leg waiting for a suitable one.

While running my programme, I continued to apply for any job that came my way. Nothing showed up until two days to my final paper when I received a call from one of my referees. He told me I have been invited for an interview scheduled to hold on the day I was to write my final exam, the same time as well as in another state. I was bewildered and could not even read again. Everything became just a mystery to me. In fact, I found myself in the pool of dilemma as I was advised by one of my siblings to forfeit the last paper.

After a deeper thought, I turned down the invitation with the conviction that if the job is really for me, I would not have been scheduled for the interview on the day of my final exams. I saw it as a distraction. It was a tough decision to make but because I believed in the word (all things work together for my good), I stuck to my gun.

It may interest you to know that two months after my exams, I got the job that clashed with my final exams. During my training in Lagos, a friend of mine that once asked if I wanted to work in her place of work called for the same question; now that you are done with your course work, are you still interested in the job?

In my terrestrial journey, I have discovered that one thing that is paramount in life is knowing what you want. When you know what you want, life will give it to you. That is, when you are conscious of what you want to make out of life, it becomes difficult for you to be distracted as it will guide your thought which will translate into decision, and consequently action.

Knowing what I want in life has really redefined me in so many ways. It has affected the kinds of clothes I wear, how I wear them, who my friends are, philosophy, my conversation as well as my values.

As you make decisions this day, always remember what you want at a particular time and what is yours may delay but it will not elude you. Distraction is just part of the process.


Overlooking Distractions by Emmanuel Onoja

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