This present specie of human are the know it all kind, permit me to use “Homo Sabi”, we too dey form sabi (apology to my non-Nigerian readers), we never admit ignorance even when we obviously don’t have the slightest idea of what the topic or situation or someone is all about. That’s why a lot of people; mostly Nigerian went to drop their RIP messages on Morgan Freeman’s page, and I saw another person saying “RIP Nelson Mandela, Your I have a dream speech was amazing”. Please what is wrong with admitting ignorance or seeking knowledge and exposure? No man is an island of knowledge, we learn everyday and the first stage to gaining wisdom is admitting your lack of it.
This leads me to what I want to address with is post, and I will call it the “People Oversabilty”. Most of the times we conclude knowing all about someone most especially their personality, way before you meet them. We have our own “xrayed” outcome, well analyzed view of their likes, dislikes, mannerism, but mostly their personalities, leading to making our personal conclusion of who they are and what they can or can’t do.
One of my blog readers once said my life must be perfect judging from my write-ups, but I definitely can’t claim perfection, like I was a big victim of this “People Oversabilty” and it almost cost me the most important person in my life at the moment, funny how I look back and realize how stupid my sense of judgment was, I was damn wrong, too blinded or shortsighted by my level of life’s experience and personal exposure just to finally give meeting her a chance to discover I almost made the biggest loss of my existence.
Read a friends experience also, but here I happen to be at the receiving end; the victim.

“It was hectic that day as I saw Tolu and am like “we are in the same department in school, so let me just say hi for hi sake”. I went to camp frustrated and I jst wanted it to be over with, and as if that wasn’t enough, I had an accident on ma way to camp, so you can just imagine the position that I was in.
Going straight to the point, its not a good thing to judge someone from afar and I do that a lot but my encounter with Tolu changed everything.
My perception of Tolu during our school days was like those rigid folks, “just there guys”, nothing to look forward to meeting them. I felt he was just one of those people that don’t engage in other things and is just boring. I met him and that was it. We talked and we were flowing and am like is this Tolu or someone else….Believe me, it wasn’t a cure for boredom, trust me. But it is really not good to judge someone without knowing the person. You won’t know what you are throwing away with your eyes widely opened.”

I personally feel the least you owe everybody is a chance to prove themselves. What will it hurt you to give them a benefit of doubt to prove themselves before drawing your conclusion. Worse still is the people whose conclusion of others is based on someone else’s judgment, how sad if the other person is bent on creating enmity between you both, like numerous stories of blackmail that I have heard, one person telling her friend’s boyfriend a well fabricated cooked up story of how the so-called girlfriend is a flirt and has slept with all the guys on her NYSC orientation camp, just as to get him from her, God bless his stupid head and shallow heart if he swallows it raw without verifying.
My advice: Don’t draw your conclusion until after you have carried out your test on the parameters based on the hypothesis, sounds scientific 😀 . All I am saying is that you give everybody the chance to prove themselves, either as the worst demon or best angel, because it is never written on their face neither is it seen on the surface of a persons personality. And peoples opinion can’t as well be trusted, they are as shaloow and assupmtious as you are. Humans are better at keeping their true identity than chameleons, we have all done that at a time or the other.
Why is this important, you might be losing your wife, business partner, helper…right under your nose. Be wise
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