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Taking a look at everything around me. Everything I see is beautiful, always. Every single time, there’s always something interesting to capture with my camera. From the interesting clouds above to the tiny insects on the ground. I have since then built an interest in nature and landscape photography of I am pretty good at. My works speak for themselves. You will soon agree with me very soon as I will be sharing a few of my best shots on this blog, do follow me, and be inspired.
A busy hot afternoon, after fixing some errors on one of the AW139 Helicopters at Caverton Helicopters, we had to do a test flight, after fueling. We took a test flight round Lagos city, and first time ever I saw Lagos from the top view. I ran to the office to pick up my small Kodak 12mp camera. Which is always with me in the bag, as I didn’t have a DSLR camera.
Shortly after takeoff, the view from the top was awesome. I saw human as ants. Instantly, I got my camera working, took some shots. Below is a picture of the famous Third mainland bridge, also known as Ibrahim Babangida bridge, the longest in Africa, 11.8km in length.

Third mainland bridge Lagos Nigeria_Olivine

Third mainland bridge Lagos Nigeria_Olivine

Recently, I entered into a photography competition organized by IBM Africa to celebrate the launch of the 12th global research lab and the first in Africa, and also to recognize the talent and ideas of people across Africa. I submitted my picture of the popular “Third mainland Bridge” in Lagos, I am close to winning this competition and bringing the prize to Nigeria, yet again, celebrating one of our own.

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