The Weeping Pupils: More Than A Photo


Students Crying and Praying
While browsing through Corbis Images website looking for a picture for a blog post, I saw this picture and it posed a hundred and one thoughts in my mind;

  • What events or situation could have brought about these tears?
  • How come they still have faith to pray?
  • Will their prayer be heard? Will answer come through for them?
  • Where are their parents…

These questions and more ravaged my mind.
If you are to describe the scene in this picture? If you are to write a caption or a story using this picture what will it be?
Put your imagination to work; describe this picture in your own words as a comment below 🙂 

I’m eagerly waiting to read what you have to say about the above picture. Let the comment start rolling in
To leave a comment, all you need to do is just type in your comment. You may or may not fill in your name, email address and other fields, JUST HIT THE  “POST COMMENT” BUTTON.
See previous pictures, people’s description and maybe add yours via this link HERE
Original caption: Members of a Soweto school drama group cry as they reenact the events of the 1976 Soweto pupil riots. --- Image by © Gideon Mendel/Corbis

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  1. For me, The pictures depicts ‘MERCY’

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