The weekend just ended and I’m sure some of you were over at “le boo’s” place 😉 playing house …
It’s actually no big deal anymore. It has become a part of the package boyfriends receive from relationships. It is popularly known as “playing house” or using a more appropriate term, “cohabitation”

I got into a discussion with a friend recently and she asked for my personal opinion about her going over to her male friend’s house for a “visit”. Hold on- I mean the kind of visit where you ask if you can bring a friend along and the guy refuses out rightly, emphasizing that he’ll want time alone with you. Her friends are of the opinion that it’s no big deal, and think she should go. Her refusing to go makes her look weird and primitive.

Some are of the opinion that nothing “un-called for” will happen, at least as an adult , he/she should know what is right or wrong and what is permissible or  abominable (which is a major argument among youths even as I speak.  Kindly refer to the post “HOW PHYSICALLY INVOLVED SHOULD DATING PARTNERS BE?”… Such funny comments you’ll love to see).

Others are of the opinion that men have that “natural animalistic tendency/craving”. They might have promised earlier that they wouldn’t touch their lady or go over-bounds. But these cravings won’t just let them be until they have gotten a “bite” of the “forbidden fruit”.  In the grave of the night, these men will definitely come hunting and begging for it, and won’t rest until they get it.

Which of the school of thoughts do you belong? Share your opinion with us even if it greatly differs from the school of thoughts listed above. Your differing ideas are most welcome; we could learn one or two things from them. Waiting!

To leave a comment, all you need to do is just type in your comment. You may or may not fill in your name, email address and other fields, JUST HIT THE “POST COMMENT” BUTTON.

Now the floor is open, let the discussion begin. (Feel free to post as anonymous 😉

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