Closer Than My Breath

Illustrated by @artword_

Illustrated by @artword_

I’m with you wherever you go.
Just call me”

I hear this all of the time.

But I sit on my bed and I have travelled nations and seas alone.

Slept out of my bed in the cold
Walked in the dark alone
Fallen into holes, 
Bitten by large creatures that I don’t even recall what or how many they are.. Lost strength
Lost blood
Lost vision
Lost focus

I screamed so much I felt like my head was going to drop.. I called.
I kept calling

But you never answered.
You just peeped through my windows at intervals and remained excited quietly seeing me on my bed, lost, looking at the plain wall.

Because I really haven’t moved from this bed.. When in the reality of my mind, 
I have been beaten, 
Lost sight,
Lost hope, 
Lost blood… In my mind.

You forgot you were limited and all you could see was all you could see.

But I was dying. 
My power house was on fire.
My building was still intact, on my bed.
Staring. Lost.

It takes just a while.
I will get burnt.
Just by sitting on my bed and staring. 
And allowing things I cannot see but hear set me on fire starting from the tiny hairs on my body.

Take me to the person that is closer than my breath

Someone that I can step into His rest
Someone that is with me wherever I go..
Wherever my mind travels.

Shepherd of my soul.
My anchor in the wind of the waves

Written by; Ifeyinwa Amagwula

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