Dream Giver – Ayinla Jemimah #ColourOfLove

Oh giver of dreams that deceiveth
Alas! My net has tapped thee
For you led my heart astray
Clouding my innocent thoughts
With unaccentuated shades of loves

A million questions are unanswered
True, thousands of tales are amusing
If thou maketh mockery of me not
What do I make of the tale of the grey-headed nagging woman;
Bound in matrimony for fifty years
But not a single day goes by
Without his heart yearning for her

Open my ears and fill my eyes with understanding
For perception makes a fool of me
I sojourn on the wings of time
Baffled by the adventures of the Harvard graduate
Who never seems to get enough of his orange hawking lover!

I have heard tales from
“Never been to land”
It brings heart freezing stories of the one
Whose side was pierced for love sake;
Deep red blood flowing endlessly
Reeking sorrow and pure innocence

Dream giver calls love red in my sleep
But this truth I know
Dreams are deceptive dancing demons!
Tarry a while with me sweet ignorant dream giver and learn
With your slates clean like the heart of an infant

A thousand and one things are mysterious
Yay, a million questions puzzling
These three things are certain
Love is a celestial being; so large a heart,
He is my lover warming my heart even with the smallest things he does
And his colour; crystal clear like the warm springs
The nuns pray by.


Oluwanifemi Jemimah is a graduate of philosophy from Obafemi Awolowo University. A lover of arts and anything creative. She loves writing and teaching dance. In her spare time she fondles with her talking drum or attend art exhibitions.”

Connect with Oluwanifemi Jemimah:

Instagram Handle: @iam_jermie
Facebook: Oluwanifemi JS

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