man-in-prayer-christian-stock-photoIt was Lack of principles and discipline that got me deep in shit.

My eyes couldn’t help but notice such beauty with a backside so hard to resist.

Now I’m all along facing the predicament, being judged on hot-seat.

Walk away, flee!!! My heart signaled my head but my body intoxicated decided to persist.

It wasn’t intentional I claim; it became irresistible, as I thought of ways to consume this sweet meat.

Still Indecisive and very timid I noticed action as my third leg took a Stand to insist.

Surprisingly it happened so fast, I came out with a bitter Experience which leads down 6 feet.

How did I ever allowed this, why didn’t i fight, i sure could take the beat.

Was I pressured, forced, cajoled or blindfolded by friends to take such hit.

Gosh it’s was all a dream.A wake up call to start the day right on a clean sheet..

Im humbled now, still pretty sober. taking steps to ensure the reality in such dream doesn’t repeat.


James Ohiomoba.

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