Standing here; amidst noise and shadows.

The soft light radiating beneath your eyes.

Taps gently at the hollow recess; of my mind.

No,  I didn’t forget…

Those times; when the moon rises in your eyes

And your smile makes even the morning sun shy

I knew then,  as vivid as I know now

You were a beautiful metre;

an alluring part of an unfinished piece.

So I immortalized you;

In unfading lines of poetry

Till wild winds blow you here again

And white petals feel the drops of rain

Waiting patiently; in this soft meadow

Listening to the whispers of the wind in the willow

Searching for the pleasant beat; of your anima heart.

As it screams gently;

“Forget me not”.


Emmanuel Olukanni Oluwaseun is a part 4 student of Obafemi Awolowo University Ile-Ife,  where he is studying law. He love writing and everything that comes with it,  ranging from poetry, prose fiction to articles, etc. 

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