Trinidad, Cuba - A young Cuban boy plays in a puddle, on an unpaved road in the outskirts of Trinidad.

Trinidad, Cuba – A young Cuban boy plays in a puddle, on an unpaved road in the outskirts of Trinidad.

I am this old or that young
I have a family and we have a place to call home
I complain when I am at home that my room is too small and that I am not fed what I am craving
I was sent to school with my fees being paid in full or maybe in part
I am done now or I am still in the system
´This School is annoying´
I keep saying I sleep when I am meant to be reading and skip classes to play or just get more sleep
I get angry at my parents or guardians when my clothes don’t fit anymore
I feel punished when my allowance is not enough and they won’t give me more
From my perspective, my life isn’t up to standard when I don’t own the latest of gadgets
Life is hard for me when I have to wake up early enough to make the bus to get to work
Life is stressful when my shower isn’t working and I have to go fetch water to have my bath
My life is uncomfortable when I have to sleep in heat on my well laid mattress
I am living the life of a hustler when I am to jump bus and sweat in traffic for every outing I need to go to
I am broke if I have to put into budget every and anything I need to get
My wants list is endless
I want a life of luxury
A life of luxury so I don’t have to do anything
I keep wishing and wishing and wishing…
Somewhere, out there, there she or he is
Having none of what I have
But possessing what has rarely crosses my mind
“Gratitude in hope”
Gratitude for life and better days
For every moment I toss and turn complaining of the heat on my bed
She is awaken by any and every sound
She finds comfort in the hardness of the ground and dozes off at the melody of the mosquitoes; the heat is the least of her problems
She is more concerned about getting through the night safely
While I contemplate what to do with my life every morning, she has no chill in getting her day started with tilling the soil.
All I own so far has been given to me with and without my request but she has had to earn everything she owns.
I let my life scroll by in anticipation of the future while she writes a chapter with every day of her life.
If we were to switch shoes with the present size of my feet, I don’t know how I would fit into her shoes
Though mine might seem too big for her, I bet she will maximize it better than I
I didn’t request to play this role, neither did she, nor you
So why not act it to the fullest in contentment and gratitude
Gratitude for life
Gratitude for hope
Hope in life
Hope for better days
We are not allowed to be ungrateful no matter the situation
Write each chapter with gratitude
If I am ever not grateful, then I am definitely a great fool.
Take time out to observe certain people in your environment.
Appreciate the privilege to live the life you are living.
Life is too short not to make the most out of it….

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