Before telling her story and sharing her testimony, Jackie Hill Perry speaks about the purpose of our stories of deliverance.
Everyone has a testimony if you know Jesus. Our stories are not truly ours, they are our stories for the sake of someone else.
God sets us free to boast of the goodness of the goodness of Jesus Christ, not to be quiet about it. You don’t have to give i to shame and fear, Christ already died for that.
At the Rhyme and Reason Concert 2016, The Excision

Media Team:

Camera 1 – Odutola Femi (@Pheragamo)

Camera 2 – Ojapa Jonathan (@iamjodeep) and Oludapo Tolulope (@tee_Abraham)

Post Production and Editing: Ojapa Jonathan (@iamjodeep) and Ashimole Uche (@ouchezy)

Featured Image by: Ijeoma Amagwula (ije__)

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