MalnutritionCan you see his tears?
If you can’t, Then look againa
Maybe you haven’t even noticed him
Yeah…. He bugs you everytime you’re on the pedestrian bridge.
He tucks at your hands
And disgusts you sometimes
You can’t blame him,
Hunger can push you to do almost anything
Can you see her smile?
The one from so much sincerity
Birthed not from owning the world
But from hope
That some miracle is on its way
I hear her thoughts
“This cry in my tummy will end”
“I’m so sure that God will send in a miracle”.
Can I see you?
I see your frustrations at work
I see your aspirations and big dreams
But when I look at all the hungry children out there,
I see the biggest dreams they’ve ever dreamed
They dream to see their next meal
They hope to live until that next meal
You and I know
That’s not a sound dream
Help them dream bigger dreams
Just like you did when you were younger
To become doctors, farmers, teachers in the next generation
The food you’re about to waste
Can be the foundation for that next super dream, idea and innovation.
Help feed all Nigeria!

By Destiny Dena

Food for All Nigeria Campaign


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