Because I need so much attention and affection,
Because I need so much love…
Because I need someone I have to rant to every now and now,
Saying the same thing over and over and over again,
Asking the same questions even when I know the answers
Because I always have silent noise running through my head,
And I need someone to look in me and tell me exactly what I can do,
Because I have lots of expectations,
Lots of hearty words my tongue can’t express…
Lots that someone as close as my spouse can’t decode…
Because I need someone to get the right words out of my mouth
Because I need to vent about a missing earring hook
Because I breathe on words
Because I need countless re-affirmation of how beautiful I am
Because I need someone to see my motives and thoughts, regardless of their complications
Because I need consistent re-assurance for life, from someone who has seen the future
Because I need big hugs. Oh yeah! Big hugs, especially when I am wrong.
Because I need to be sure I have someone who is always with me,
Good or bad, as it maybe.
Because I know I have someone, someone closer than my shadow.
Because I have concluded that you are all I can get and all I should have in a best friend!
I have a best friend.
She’s faster than my shadow!
She’s the Holy Spirit.
Yes, SHE!
Because I have a simple-complicated life, I need a complicated-simple match.
The Holy Spirit fits in perfectly

Thank you for reading, would be good to read a comment from you.

Ifeyinwa Amagwula.

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